4 Hiking Hacks to Impress Your Friends

Hiking is a lot of fun and even more exciting when you’re going with friends. There is so much to explore while trekking. However, sometimes you may face problems during your hike.

Some hacks to manage these issues are mentioned below, and these are sure to impress your friends!

Carry Small Ziplock Bags

You may experience unexcepted weather conditions on your hike. If there is a dust storm or sudden rain, your stuff can get damaged. A simple hack to keep these things safe is to carry small zip lock bags. If you have a waterproof backpack, just put everything in, but for the stuff you need to use in emergencies, use a ziplock so you can easily take it out.

Share Wisely

Hikers often face the issue of getting trekker tummy disease. To reduce the chances of spreading this, share your trail mix wisely.

Two girls on a trail

Make your Own Insect Repellant

There is only a limit to how much you can carry on a hike. If you ever run out of mosquito repellant, look for an elderberry bush, crush its leaves, and apply them to your skin. This is a great hack to keep bugs away.

Use Bread Bags for Wet Shoes

It’s easy to carry extra pairs of socks on a hike but not as easy to carry shoes. If your shoes ever get wet and you don’t have the time to stop and let them dry, you can use this hack: wear the extra dry pair of socks, then wear plastic bread bags on top, and then your shoes. This will help you continue your hike without wasting time.

So next time you plan a hiking trip with your friends, be sure to use these hacks. Also, one great hack to impress your friends would be to buy a waterproof backpack from Light Hiking Gear. We have some of the most comfortable daypacks and lightweight backpacks. We also provide accessories to ensure a stress-free backpacking trip. Our product line includes ultralight hiking gear, daypacks, bodypacks, and hiking accessories like bear resistant food containers, etc.

So, contact us and get yourself an awesome backpack for your hike.


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