New Zealand: A Backpacker’s Dream Part II

New Zealand: It Never Gets Old

The idea for Light Hiking Gear’s balance bags and lightweight backpacks for travel originated in the wondrous island of New Zealand. Therefore, it is our priority to not only make sure you have the best gear for backpacking, but to also welcome you to our small but breathtaking country. In the previous blog, we touched on some of the top notch spots for backpackers and hikers of all varieties. Fortunately, New Zealand’s ability to offer sites goes unhinged. Here are a few more of our favorite New Zealand sites:


Or, the more proper definition, “Extremes-town.” Queenstown is a travel hotspot, so it’s a little bit more touristy. However, don’t discount it. Queenstown, located on the South Island, offers skydiving into the glacial mountain landscape, bungee jumping off of a ledge overlooking the sights and straight into a turquoise river, and the “World’s Biggest Swing” (aka a huge swing that unleashes you into a canyon). If you’re not into the extreme sports side of Queenstown, there are also hundreds of miles of hiking trails surrounding the area that overlook the lakes and towering mountains. Regardless of your plans, be prepared with an Light Hiking Gear lightweight backpack for travel and explore Queenstown with ease.


Christchurch is the second largest city in New Zealand. This city has a rich history after being struck by a deadly earthquake in 2011 which killed several people and devastated the city and its historical sights. For those fascinated with natural disasters and how they work, make sure to hit up Christchurch to get a look at the famous Christchurch Cathedral which was barely spared by the wreckage and the numerous installations that pay tribute to those affected by the disaster. After exploring the city’s rich history, head over to Sumner beach to explore the caves on the oceanfront and the surrounding mountainscape.

Mount Cook

If you thought we would make it to the end of this post without mentioning Mount Cook, then you’re mistaken. Mount Cook (Aoraki in Maori) is the highest mountain in New Zealand. Towering over the island at an elevation of 12,218’, Mount Cook offers a spectacular adventure for anyone daring enough to make the trek upwards. Located in the Southern Alps on the South Island, Mount Cook National Park offers hiking paths of various levels of difficulty, allowing people of all sorts to take in the wonders of this area. Don’t make the Mount Cook Journey alone. Purchase an Light Hiking Gear lightweight backpack for travel and trek the altitude freely.

In this two part blog series, we touched upon some of the more popular, but nonetheless necessary, places to visit in New Zealand. However, once you make it here from wherever you’re from, you’ll find that the island has a way of guiding you into the all of the stunning nooks and crannies that New Zealand holds within its magical landscape. Light Hiking Gear welcomes you to New Zealand!


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