Our Five Top Hiking Trails in the U.S.

Looking for the top hiking trails in the U.S.? We’ve shortlisted our favorites for you!

Before we begin, what is your favorite hiking trial in North America? Let’s see if it made it to our list!

The North American landscapes give some of the best hiking trails you’ll find across the globe. This region is a backpackers’ paradise, with trails for every skill level. Plus, you get to witness nature at its best – volcanoes, glaciers, lakes – you name it!

We did have a tough time picking just 5, but here they are!

Grand Canyon North Rim, Arizona

The impressive Grand Canyon had to be on our list. This 277 miles stretch of deep canyon is divided into two rims: North and South. The North Rim offers a difficult terrain than the one you find in the South Rim. This region is more secluded with trails like the Widforss Trail and Uncle Jim Point. Prepare your packs for day hikes on these trails and enjoy some of the finest views of the Grand Canyon you’ve ever seen!

The Pacific Crest Trail

The backpacking world calls it the PCT. This is an extensive 4,265 km (2,650 miles) long trial that stretches all the way from Mexico to Canada. The Pacific Crest Trail passes through Oregon, Washington, and California tracking some of the uppermost parts of the Cascade and Sierra Nevada mountain ranges. Needless to say, the trail is extremely diverse and takes you through thick forests, glaciated valleys, and arid deserts. While covering the whole trail is an expert level challenge, you can always pack ultralite packs for exploring parts of it!

The Mount Healy Overlook Trek, Alaska

Mount Healy is hands down one of our favourite walk-up mountains in Alaska. It’s comparatively easier to trek and doesn’t require advanced skills or hiking gear. The Overlook Trail in Mount Healy begins in the dense forest and then leads to an ascent to the alpine tundra. What awaits you there is a nature’s paradise with view of the verdant valleys covered in lichen, moss, and wildflowers surrounded by peaking ridges. An extra 2 miles of hiking will take you to the mountain’s top – definitely worth a try!

John Muir Trail, California

You can find the 338 km (210 mile) long John Muir Trail is located in the Sierra Nevada mountain range, California. Starting from Yosemite, the trail leads you through the Sequoia National Park all the way to the King Canyon National Park. This trail alone is your complete adventure pack for a backcountry expedition that includes the mighty canyons, gorgeous lakes, and sturdy granite cliffs. Complete the trail and you will be rewarded with the mesmerizing view of Mount Whitney – nothing beats that!

Smoky Mountains, Tennessee-North Carolina

Who doesn’t know about the Smokies? Stretched across the Tennessee-North Carolina border, the Great Smoky Mountain range offers a plethora of hikes for backpackers to enjoy. With the dense smoke-like fog covering its peaks, the Smokies range has plenty of natural beauty and adventure packed away for anyone who is up for the challenge. If you’re preparing your packs for hiking, hit the trail for the Alum Cave Bluffs, or try the Charlie’s Bunion and Andrew Bald trails.

There you have it - five awesome hiking trails that a backpacking enthusiast shouldn’t miss out on. So get your hiking gear in order, pack your backpacks and set out on a backcountry adventure – there’s a lot that still remains unexplored!


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