Tips to Stay Safe While Camping

When you're out camping with friends and family, it’s a new adventure every time. Exploring spaces around your camp is always fun; however, you need to be cautious when running off into the wild without being prepared. You need to steer clear of wild animals, bugs, random hidden ditches, and much more. So here are some safety tips for your camping trip.

Choose a Good Spot for Your Tent

Where you place your tent makes a big difference to your camping trip, so always carefully look at your surroundings. Never camp directly under a tree; you never know what animal might be lurking on top. Also, branches/fruits could fall on your tent at night. So if you’re with kids, make sure to be away from dangerous spots like cliffs, rivers etc., where kids can trip and fall into.

Watch out for Wildlife

When you’re camping out in the middle of nowhere, there is bound to be some wildlife present. Always keep an eye out for animals like bears, and make sure your food is packed in bear resistant food containers. Also, be aware of bugs. You should carry insect repellant while camping to keep bugs like mosquitos and ticks away. Sometimes bug bites can also be poisonous, so it's better to be cautious and constantly apply repellant. Mosquitos, ticks, and other insects can not only cause irritation, but some may be poisonous, so always apply insect repellent and keep the fly screens shut on your tent.

Carry a First Aid Kit

Referring to the tip above, always camp with a first aid kit. You never know when you might need one. It’s good to keep essential pain medication, some bandages,and anti-allergies in case of bug bites. Make sure to carry any regular medication you may already be prescribed by your physician in case you plan to camp longer.

Keep Plenty of Food and Water

Always be prepared for the worst when you're out in the wild. If you ever face a situation where you're stuck or lost, you should always have extra food with you. Having excess water and food can sometimes be a lifesaver, especially ifs it's really hot, and you're dehydrated.

Carry a Durable Backpack

Always invest in a good quality backpack for camping. Durable and waterproof backpacks keep your stuff safe from unexpected rain as well as prevent bugs and small animals from ripping through your stuff when you’re not around.

A camping tent at night

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