What to Look for When Choosing a Hiking Backpack

When you’re going on a hike, it's crucial to have the right kind of equipment to ensure a comfortable experience. Just like wearing the right kind of shoes and clothes is important, picking out the kind of backpack is also crucial. Backpacks come in different sizes, colors and have many storage options.

Here are certain things you should consider when choosing a backpack for your hike.

Weight Of Your Backpack

When picking out a backpack, make sure it’s not too heavy. If you're going hiking for a few days, you will be packing heavy items like a sleeping bag, tent, food, etc. A lightweight backpack does not add to the weight of your things and is easier to tag along on your back when climbing uphill.

It Should Be Made Of Durable Material

You may be going over some rough terrain on your hike. Often backpacks keep lying around when you stop overnight, so make sure the material of your backpack is durable so no bugs or wild animals can rip through it. Also, getting a waterproof or semi-waterproof backpack would be a smart choice to stay dry in case it rains.

Choose a Spacious Backpack

It never hurts to pack a little extra for emergencies or sudden change of plans. Always choose a backpack that has sufficient space for your things. Also, it helps to have multiple pockets, so your things are sorted.

It Should Be Comfortable

For any hiking trip to be enjoyable, ensuring comfort is important. The type of backpack you carry contributes a lot to that. Always choose a comfortable hiking backpack that is easy to carry along and doesn't put a strain on your back. Since most of the weight sits on your hip, make sure the hip belt of the bag is also comfortable.

 A hiker standing on a cliff

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