3 Fabulous Hikes in the Eastern U.S.

When it comes to scenic locations filled with trees, mountains, and lakes, the US isn’t short of options. If you’re craving some fresh air and a time out from your hectic city life, then hiking is a great idea. Hiking brings you closer to nature, helps you relax your brain, and get some exercise, all in one. All you need is a good hiking backpack and a day off from work. The beautiful hiking trails in the US are ranked according to their difficulty level, and the time it takes to complete a hiking trip. Here are some of the best ones!

Superior Hiking Trail, Minnesota

The Superior Hiking trails wrap the ridgeline of Lake Superior in the Midwest. The trail is 296 miles long and goes from Duluth to the Canadian border. Moreover, the trail can reach 1,000 feet above the lake, and it also goes down into the forested river valleys.

The best thing about the trail is that you may spot a moose, a beaver, or even a bear en route. During fall, you can find colorful maple leaves covering the ground, while plenty of wild berries is around in the summer.

Tongue Mountain Loop, New York

The tongue mountain hiking look sticks out into Lake Georgia and has five peaks with peaceful trails. The most prominent trail in the area is a 13-mile loop around the lower half of the mountain.

Besides that, the mountains can reach a summit of 1,500 feet, allowing you to get a good workout. Not only that, but during a hot day, you can cool off in the water at the sunny Mountclam Point just at the Tongue’s tip.

People going down a hiking trail

Mount Rogers, Virginia

The 4.5-mile hike starts at the Massie Gap in the Grayson Highlands State Park and ends at the top of the Appalachian Trail. The Trail lets you experience Virginia’s breathtaking peaks that can rise to 5,728 feet near the North Carolina border.

Moreover, the entire Trail is filled with amazing views, and the best part is that you’ll get to see wild ponies grazing on the mountaintop meadows.

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