Our Founders
Light Hiking Gear is a retail outlet for backpacking, hiking and camping gear.
In late-2016, Rich and Genie Murphy opened our North American operations, located on Whidbey Island, WA, serving customers worldwide. Originally founded as "Aarn-USA", we updated our company's name in late-2022 to "Light Hiking Gear".
Genie & Rich are devoted users of light, comfortable and durable packs that allow you to carry loads in the most scientifically-balanced way possible. We are passionate about exploring the outdoors, and we want to help you on your journey, with hiking backpacks and camping gear for this express purpose.


Rich and Genie snowshoeing


Our Aarn Balance Pack Designers

Over 40 years ago and fueled by a passion to create the best load carrying systems the world has known, Aarn Tate and his partner, Devi Benson, began designing outdoor products. Aarn Design exists to create equipment that works harmoniously with the human body, allowing for deeper connections between body, spirit and nature.

Our equipment is designed in Aotearoa-New Zealand using the wild and beautiful Southern Alps as our play and testing ground. With its premium collection of science-smart, lightweight, comfortable Balance Packs, the Aarn brand is a favorite among outdoor aficionados.

 Our Company

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