More Hiking, Less Stopping

Do you find yourself debating what is worth bringing on your hike and what is better left out simply because of the weight it will add? Odds are, even if it was recently purchased, your hiking pack is to blame. Once you try the best hiking packs, you’ll see the difference in your hiking by stopping less and hiking more. With Aarn packs, you can carry those oft-used and emergency items (bear spray, first aid kit, phone, water, water, water) in our front-loaded balance bags. Here's an example:

How Your Pack Helps to Push Through

When you’re on a hike or have set out to do some camping within the beauty of nature, the last thing you want to do is stop out of exhaustion or discomfort. After all, you come outside to enjoy yourself, not undergo a self-inflicted torture. The unfortunate reality for many outdoorsy folks is that their packs and load can cause them noticeable discomfort, which really puts a damper on the experience.

Bring What You Need

When you know you can count on your hiking pack to evenly distribute the load you’re carrying, it frees you up to bring more - including what you need to get motivated. Whether the difference lies in your newfound ability to bring that tripod or pair of binoculars you always have to leave at home for weight concerns or simply allows you to carry the energy-filled snacks you need to power through, your pack’s contents are often the key to your success out on the hike. You shouldn’t feel limited by your choice to carry rain gear and sunscreen with you, but rewarded for your just-in-case mentality!

Stop When You Want

It’s amazing how much more willing you are to stop, relax, and just be when you aren’t stressed or worried about the fact that you just stopped a mile ago to give your shoulders a break. No, when you see a beautiful spot, it is important that your mind is calm and ready to take in what you’re experiencing. Often, it only takes one person in the group to be excited for a certain vista to get everyone to open their eyes in a new way. By avoiding the discomfort that comes from an aching back, neck, and shoulders, you can be the person your group relies on to notice when you’ve stumbled upon something unexpectedly beautiful.

Avoid Injury

Of course, it should be noted that the best hiking packs are much more balanced, which means you are much less likely to fall. As we all know, falling miles away from civilization can bring with it some scary repercussions and really ruin your entire group’s fun. By equipping yourself, your family, and your friends with Bodypacks from Aarn, you are making them a bit safer, which can make a big difference if it results in even one less fall. Plus, with your well-balanced load, you should have no problem fitting a first aid kit into one or more of your hiking packs.

At Light Hiking Gear, we have put real science to work in each of our Bodypacks. Through strategically-applied engineering and a willingness to think outside the box, we have designed a pack that is sure to feel better, longer - because it was designed to do so. Learn more and get your Bodypack today!


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