Rucking Rules You Should Know

Rucking is a military term and refers to training/hiking while carrying load. It makes sense because soldiers are supposed to carry weapons and wear a heavy armor. It can be difficult to move in a heavy full-body suit but through rucking, soldiers have managed to combat these concerns.

But rucking is not limited to military practices only. Hikers from all around the world participate in the activity as it helps them build endurance, improve patience, and challenge themselves.

But rucking is no childs play. There are certain set of rules that need to be followed in order to ensure a good experience. Here are a few rules and tips to keep in mind:

One Pound Equals to Five Pounds:

It takes 4.7 percent more energy to move when the weight is put on your shoes than your torso. This means that youre supposed to carry at least 1 gallon of water (thats around 4 pounds) if you buy shoes that are light. Wearing lighter shoes instead of heavy leather ones will help you carry the weight well and balance the load.

You Need Good Shoes:

As stated earlier, your shoes make a significant impact on the way you ruck. Typically, its a good idea to wear light shoes. However, avoid really light shoes that arent made of good quality materials.

The heavier your shoes, the slower you will move. In fact, heavy shoes slow you down by 6 seconds.

You also have to add your own weight to the load you will be carrying.

So, lets say youre 150 lbs. If you cut your load down from 40 pounds to 30 pounds, you can save 40 seconds of your time!

You Need a Good Backpack:

A good backpack is the last thing hikers/ruckers consider. But the truth is, they can make a significant impact on your rucking speed. This is because backpacks help even out the weight, and good backpacks with wide shoulder straps help you carry the load with ease.

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