Yosemite - Apr 22-25, 2017

Genie & Rich finally made it to Yosemite National Park. Genie for the umpteenth time (she and her Northern California family visited the park numerous times, as she was growing up), and Rich for the very first time. So, Genie had been extolling the magnificent scenery to Rich for many years, and was finally able to book the trip. (Glad to see it before it all eroded away, ha ha.)

Before arriving, we were a bit concerned that much of the park would remain closed, due to residual snow and road repairs, but it turned out that there was still an almost overwhelming amount to take in, even just staying on hwy 140 and the main road into Yosemite Village, Half Dome Park and the valley.

Of course, in addition to all Mother Nature's eye treats, we had to pay a visit to the stunning Ahwahnee Hotel (we refuse to call it by the silly new name stuck on it by the new owners), where we enjoyed both a meal (expensive!) and a leisurely walk of the surrounding grounds. Not a bad place for anyone wanting a terrific wedding venue.

Of the dozens of possible hikes from which to choose, we opted for one very short one to Bridalveil Fall, where we got absolutely soaked - fun!; and a more lengthy one along the John Muir Trail to the Vernal and Nevada falls. The latter hike is a fairly steep grade, but is mostly paved and hard packed, without the boulder fields we encounter during most of the Wasatch Range trails in northern Utah.

Like Genie, I, too, am now in love with Yosemite. Here are a few pic's that we hope will excite you to also plan a visit to this most awe-inspiring bit of God's handiwork.

Rich & Genie ovelooking Nevada Fall - Apr 2017

Genie - Yosemite Apr 2017


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