Daypacks Vs Backpacks: Which One Do You Need?

Funny thing: A backpack is any kind of pack that you carry on your back, so a daypack certainly does fall within the category of backpacks. However, it is worth noting that not all backpacks are daypacks.

If youre a beginner in hiking and camping, then it is essential to understand these differences. It will assist you in your efforts in finding the right equipment for your trips.

What Is a Daypack?

A daypack is basically what you would call a small backpack. It has straps so that you can wear it comfortably on your shoulders, and even comes equipped with a waist belt to use when going off on a hiking adventure.

These packs are designed to be small for short day trips, with ideal capacity being between 20 to 30 liters. There are many different types of daypacksones that are for daily use in travelling and commuting and others that are for the purposes of carrying climbing or hiking gear.

Types of Daypacks

The type of daypack you select largely depends on the purpose you will be using it for. Different types of daypacks offer various features to suit the needs of the intended activity. Here are a few daypack options available:

  • General daypacks: These are for everyday use, such as for school or work.
  • Climbing daypacks: Packs designed to be carried securely during climbing activities.
  • Trail running daypacks: A small pack to carry a minimal number of items while running.
  • Hiking daypacks: Daypacks that can accommodate all the items you need during a day hiking trip.
  • Skiing daypacks: These are bigger daypacks, built narrowly and designed for speed.


However, if you are in need of a backpack for a trip that is overnight or spans over the range of a few days, then a daypack will certainly not suffice.

With such excursions, youre going to need something that is able to accommodate all the necessary supplies and gear, including a sleeping bag, camping equipment, and extra clothing.

For hiking trips that involve overnighters, youll need something with a capacity of over 30 liters, which is beyond the daypack territory. Such backpacks have external or internal frame features which help in providing support, stability, and mobility on various terrains.

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