Unplugged: 5 Tech-Free Things to Do On a Camping Trip

What’s the point of going out on a camping trip if you’re going to spend most of your time glued to a screen?

Your camping trip is supposed to be a time when you relax and rejuvenate yourself to take on the challenges of life that lie ahead of you. But if you drag all your gadgets along with you on a camping trip too – there is little chance that you’ll be able to unwind the way you should.

If you want to make the most of your camping trip, you need to unplug. Now a lot of you would be wondering what you would do if you don’t have your smartphones, laptops, or tablets with you on the trip. Well, there’s actually a lot you can do. Take a look at this list:

Read a Book

A book is the perfect way to spend some quality time with your own self. Just pack a book in your camping backpacks and enjoy a leisurely time in the backcountry, lost in the tale inscribed on the pages you turn. Your favorite book is probably the best companion you can take along on a camping trip where all you want is solace and relaxation.


All right, not many of you would be fans of reading, so there has to be something else you could do. Exploring your surroundings is an option. Just take a walk into the woods and discover the wonders nature has to offer. It could be a weird tree with mangling branches, a squirrel gathering food for winters, or a hidden pool of fresh water from a nearby stream – the possibilities are endless.

Write a Journal

When you unplug technology, there is so much you observe, feel, and experience. Camping trips are a great time to create a memoir of your camping experiences. Imagine being old and senile and reading out the part where a squirrel stole a pack of nuts from your backpack to your grandkids someday. Moments like these are priceless and shouldn’t be wasted.

Polish Your Photography Skills

We all know you wouldn’t get to behold or capture sights like those on your camping trip anywhere in the city. You enjoy photography? Take your camera along. Capture the sights that you come across while backpacking in the backcountry. The scenery is spectacular and photographing the best of them is definitely an art you should at least try to master.

Go Old School

Instead of packing prepared food in your packs for camping, go old school. Pick out a handful of quick and easy camping recipes that you can try on your trip. It may not turn out perfect the first time, but it will definitely keep you busy enough not to think about running back to your fancy gadgets. Oh and do try making s’mores on a traditional bonfire too.

There you have it – 5 solid ways to stay unplugged while camping out in alone or with your clan. Trust us, this might be the start of your best ever camping trips so far!


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