Everything You Need to Know About Picking a Hiking Backpack

Buying the right hiking gear is essential as it aids you in carrying all your essentials without being weighed down. You can mistakenly over-pack or under-pack if you are new to hiking. There are three elements that a hiker needs to look for when choosing a hiking backpack: size, comfort, and fit.

Hikers usually try to carry as little as possible while going on hikes. Light Hiking Gear’s ultra-lightweight backpacks are your best bet. Before buying one, consider the following:

The Right Size

Where best hiking backpacks are concerned, size is measured in two ways. In the first instant, size means the actual physical size of the bag in relation to your body. For instance, some backpacks are shorter and broader, whereas others are thinner and longer. Here, the size of the pack matters because of its aesthetic appeal and fit.

Now here comes the confusing part, it’s not only the physical size of the backpack that matters but also the size or the space inside. In the end, that will be the primary determinant of how little or how much a backpack can hold. The internal storage of your pack isn’t something you want to overlook, as that’ll decide if you have just enough room for your hiking essentials.

A Good Fit

A woman going through the forest with a backpack on her back

A well-fitting hiking backpack is the difference between great hiking experiences and miserable ones. A common mistake that many new hikers make is to assume that the pack they choose has to be proportional to their height. This isn’t so; in fact, they should look for how well the backpack fits in between their torso and the width of their hips.

Light Hiking Gear backpacks come with a size chart to help you decide what type of backpack is the right fit for you. Always go for a hiking backpack that has a snug and comfortable fit without too much movement. A well-fitting bag will help eliminate much physical stress placed on your back once the pack is filled with supplies.

Comfort Level

While the right fit and size are essential, the comfort level you get from a hiking backpack is equally crucial. Packs by Light Hiking Gear come in a variety of sizes and back lengths. They are adjustable, so you only need to buy a backpack equal to the length of your back while making sure that your hips can bear the weight.

Planning to Buy a Hiking Backpack?

Have you finally decided to buy a hiking backpack online? Light Hiking Gear provides hikers and adventure seekers with excellent quality lightweight backpacks for hiking. Apart from backpacks, we also deal in ultralight hiking gear and bear-resistant food containers for sale.

Get in touch with us if you have any questions or queries about our products. Place an order today to buy our comfortable hiking backpack and have a safe hiking trip during the hunting season.


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