PACKS - For Both Men and Women

Unisex- Regardless of gender, people come in all shapes and sizes, so we don't specify whether a pack is designed just for one gender or another; rather, we suggest choosing a pack based on your personal measurements. The sizes (i.e., capacity, length, width, depth + weight) of all our packs are listed in the Specifications section of the product pages, so take a look at this article and also use the following guidelines to help determine the right size pack for you.


The Aarn Back Favour, Hydro Lite, Little Llama, Liquid Agility and Mountain Magic packs have a standard backlength. For all other packs, you need to measure your body's back length in order to determine the appropriate size pack for you. Measure the distance from the top of your hip bones to the mid- point of your shoulder (where the shoulder strap goes over the shoulder) to determine your back length.

For accuracy, stand with your back against a wall with a hard covered book and pencil in hand. Place the book vertically against your side with the bottom edge of the book resting on top of your hipbone and the back edge against the wall. Mark the height of the lower edge of the book on the wall. This is the height of the top of your hips.

Now place the book vertically by the side of your head, with the back edge resting against the wall and the bottom edge resting on the mid-point of one shoulder (half way between your neck and the end of your shoulder - this is where the center of the shoulder straps should lie). Mark the height of the bottom edge of the book on the wall. This is the height of your shoulders.

Now measure the difference in height between the 2 marks on the wall - this is your back length.
      • If your back length is less than 15” (38 cm), choose a pack having a short backlength.
            • If your back length is 15" (38 cm) or greater, choose a long backlength pack.
                WHAT IS MY HIPBELT SIZE, Small, Medium or Large?
                The Aarn Back Favour, Hydro Lite, Little Llama, Liquid Agility and Mountain Magic packs have a standard size hipbelt, which can be adjusted to fit virtually any size waist.
                Our larger pack models are equipped with Pelvic-Form Hipbelts, which come in 3 hipbelt sizes. The medium size is standard. To decide whether this will fit, use a tape measure to determine your waist size, as the top of the hip belt goes around your waist.
                    • If your waist size is less than 33.5” (85cm) choose the small size, if it is greater than 37.5 ” (95 cm), choose the large size.

                    Choosing the Right Pack Model

                    Now that you have determined your measurements, visit our "Which Model" page to help you find the pack that is right for you.

                        FRONT BALANCE POCKETS & BAGS (for Aarn Packs)

                        Aarn front balance pockets come in pairs and attach to your Aarn pack before you put it on. They may be left attached or removed easily to create the best daypack for hiking or travel, depending on your needs. There are 3 categories of balance pockets and bags:

                        Hipster, Compact, Mountain and Marathon Balance Pockets

                        These ultralite Pockets are for use with small to mid-volume models that are equipped with Auto-Form hipbelts and Lite Shoulder Straps.

                        Sport, Expedition and Photo Balance Pockets

                        These pockets attach to the larger model packs equipped with Pelvic Form hipbelts and Flow-Thru Shoulder Straps.

                               Universal Balance Bags

                        Our Universal Balance Bags are a single unit that attaches to any brand of pack that comes equipped with a sternum strap and hipbelt.

                        WATER WIZARD PONCHO RAIN GEAR

                        From top of shoulder to top of hip bone:
                          • If your back length is less than 15” (38 cm), choose the Short size
                            • If your back length is 15” (38 cm) or greater, choose the Long size

                              PACK PROTECTOR

                              For packs up to 50 liters, choose small size; for packs up to 60 liters, choose large size.

                              COOLING NECKERCHIEFS

                              For Cool People: One size fits all
                              For Cool Pups:
                              7" - 11" neck = Small
                              11" - 14" neck = Medium
                              14" - 17" neck = Large
                              22" - 26" neck = X Large