How to Beat the Heat During Summer Hikes

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Summer is undoubtedly the most wonderful time to explore, soak in, and enjoy beautiful outdoor spots, trails, and mountains. It’s the best season to fulfill your adventure dreams alone or with family and friends. However, the summer sun can be quite unforgiving, especially in the hilly areas. That’s why our hiking experts and professional adventurists recommend newbies adopt heat-beating techniques.

In this detailed blog, we’ve talked about the most effective ways that’ll help you stay cool and conquer summertime trails and hikes like a pro. So let’s get started.

Prepare According to the Weather

Hikers and campers must always assess the weather and climate conditions of the area they’re willing to explore. Your best bet is to rely on an accurate and real-time weather tracker and predictor tool to stay well-informed about the area’s summertime climate. This will help you properly prepare your hiking gear, supplies, outfits, and emergency tools according to the heat.

Firstly, choose the right trail that provides sufficient shade and is replete with lush green trees and plants. These characteristics provide natural coolness to a place and are ideal for hikers and camping lovers who want to enjoy the summertime outdoors. You can also consult professional park rangers who are well-informed about a trail and recommend safe yet enjoyable trails.

Dress Accordingly

Whether you’re new to hiking and camping or are a seasoned expert, you must not overlook the importance of wearing the right outfits on your outdoor adventures. When it comes to summer hikes, you should opt for airy fabrics, breezy bottoms, and moisture-wicking outfits. Synthetic summer fabric and merino wool are considered the two best fabric options for summer adventurers.

Do not forget to pair your outfit with ultraliteAarn backpacks and balancing pockets that’ll help you stay fit and energetic throughout your trip. This might sound counterintuitive, but experts recommend hikers and campers opt for long-sleeved uppers and breathable pants during summer hikes. These products are ideal for combatting UV rays and protecting your skin from harmful radiation. You can also look for cooling and UV protection-rated fabrics for your outdoor outfits.

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Pick the Right Footwear

Uncomfortable and pesky footwear is a hiker’s biggest enemy. They can suck in all the fun and make you extremely irritated and uncomfortable during summer hiking. You must choose a pair of true-to-size shoes. Look for footwear with breathable mesh panels and moisture-wicking materials with sturdy soles. Do not compromise your health by opting for cheap footwear, as it can lead to long-term discomfort and pain.

Stock Cooling Supplies and Hiking Accessories

In addition to UV-resistant clothing and ventilated footwear, you should take care of the exposed parts of your body, including the face, neck, and hands. Invest in quality sunscreen and moisturizer and put them in travel-size containers for easy usage. Next, we strongly urge you to shop our cooling neckerchiefs, purpose designed to keep you cool and comfy under the sun.

Cooling scarves for hikers

Our cooling neckerchiefs are a one-size-fits-all product and ideal for campers, hikers, pets, and nature-loving individuals who love spending time outdoors. They’re made in the US with locally sourced cotton batik fabric and are available in the most attractive prints. All you have to do is soak your cooling scarf in water for 45 minutes to activate its cooling crystals, and viola! You and your furry friend will be up and ready to conquer scenic trails in the blazing sun!

Keep Your Body Pain-Free with Balancing Pockets

While summer-friendly trekking outfits, footwear, and cooling accessories are important for comfy summer hiking, you must also pay attention to your backpack and load-carrying systems. Balancing pockets are a great addition to any hiker’s supply kit as they help in optimizing weight on your body. They’re small, lightweight, and spacious, allowing hikers and trekkers to hold, store, and carry weight without burning out.

You should also opt for hydration packs and portable water bottles to ensure a steady water supply during summer hikes. And make sure to carry a lightweight backpack and water bottle, which is easy to fill along the trail.

Seek Shades and Plan a Break Schedule

When trekking or venturing out under the summer sun, hikers and trekking lovers should prioritize periodic breaks under shade. You can pick a dense tree for a short snack break or get yourself a portable tent and chairs for resting. Most of the trails in the US offer shade spots and restrooms for adventurers. However, you must be equipped with a seating option in case you cannot find a sheltered spot.

We also recommend hikers and campers have a bandana handy that can be soaked in cold water for quick hydration. A wet bandana is an awesome tool for wrapping around your head or neck when the summer sun gets harsher. It’s perfect for inducing an evaporative cooling effect and refreshing sensations.

Balancing pockets and packs by Aarn

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How to Beat the Heat During Summer Hikes

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