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So-called “Balance Packs”, produced by the Aarn company, are highly-efficient, comfortable and stable. Most other brands of backpacks are mass-produced and significantly disturb a hiker’s natural posture, balance and movement by creating backward and sideways leverages on the torso that distort the spine’s natural curve. By carrying the pack’s weight almost entirely on the shoulders, neck and upper back, the spine is pulled out of alignment, significant stress is placed on the body, and a great deal of energy is wasted. 

The designer of Aarn packs, Aarn Tate, has been studying load-bearing  systems for over 40 years. Aarn packs work in concert with the body’s natural posture and movement. Used in conjunction with our front “Balance Pockets”, our travel and hiking Balance Packs evenly disperse the load around the vertical axis of the torso so that the weight is carried straight downward, mostly on the hips, rather than on the shoulders, thereby facilitating the body’s upright posture, while also ensuring that agility is not compromised.

Which posture do you prefer?

Picture demonstrates the difference between a pack that pulls the load backward as opposed to upright.