Naturally Balanced, Free Movement, Load Carrying

Dynamic, healthy, energy-efficient and pain-free

Aarn Bodypacks are replacing traditional backpacks as the optimal load-carrying system. All over the world users are experiencing and sharing the benefits of natural balance, natural posture and natural movement. With the increased awareness of the Aarn brand world-wide, we have evaluated and improved every aspect of each model. The result is a design maturity and performance level that users will find is a performance contrast with traditional backpacks that is striking.

All Balance Pockets and Balance Bags and Gear Racks will now fit on all new Aarn pack models and all will be available separately so customers can choose the best balancing option for their needs. For those with other brands of pack, Universal Balance Bags give the enlightening experience of balanced load-carrying. After the initial clip set up on your own brand of pack, the Bags allow you to access essential needs on the go and clip on and off quickly and easily.


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