Universal Balance Bag Demonstration

If you have already invested in an expensive lightweight backpack, you can still derive benefits from a more naturally balanced load by adding our Universal Balance Bags.

These are a single unit that attaches to any brand of pack, allowing those without Aarn Packs to experience the benefits of a counter-balanced load. You can use them with your Aarn pack if you prefer to put pack and pockets on separately.

The bags are quickly clipped to the pack after you have put it on and removed before you take it off. They are a great solution for carrying children more easily in a kiddy carrier, due to the improved balance and reduced strain. They also increase the storage volume, making backpacking with small children more practical.

The heaviest, most compact and most often needed item we carry is water. It is best if this is placed as far forward as possible, in the stretch pockets on the front of each Balance Pocket. We find it is more efficient to use bottles than hydration systems. Bottles are easily accessed and you can refill them without taking the Bodypack off. If you prefer hydration bladders, place one in the mesh pockets of each Balance Pocket.

By placing as much weight in the Balance Pockets as possible, you will achieve optimum balance and posture. Sports science findings suggest that adding the Balance Bags will reduce the energy to carry a load once total load of an alternative brand pack and Aarn Balance Bags is above a threshold of only 4-4.5 kg! (depending on how deep the side profile of the pack is). As the load increases above this, the energy savings of your newly created bodypack vs your standard pack will further increase.

Additional benefits are the instant access to everything you need during the day without stopping and taking the pack off, the greatly improved balance, the more upright posture and the extra capacity.


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