10 Trail-Tested Aarn Backpacks You Should Consider

As a hiking and backpacking enthusiast, you understand that the choice of backpack can make or break your outdoor adventure. It's not just a means to carry your gear; it's a vital companion that should provide comfort, balance, and reliability on the trail.

When it comes to dependable hiking backpacks, Aarn by Light Hiking Gear stands as a trusted name known for its innovation and commitment to outdoor enthusiasts.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll introduce you to a selection of trail-tested Aarn backpacks that you should seriously consider for your next backpacking adventure.

The Aarn Natural Exhilaration 36 Liter Backpack.

1. Natural Exhilaration 30, 33, 36 Liter Backpack: The Ultimate Balance Bag

The Natural Exhilaration backpack, available in 30, 33, and 36-liter capacities, stands as a testament to exceptional balance bags in the hiking world. Crafted by Light Hiking Gear, it incorporates Flexi-flow, U, and V along with an Auto-mould frame that’s accompanied by a perimeter wire and hollow 6001 T6 alloy stays.

Its hipbelt guarantees comfort and stability during cycling, skiing, or hiking adventures. This versatile pack comes with a hang loop, hydration hook, and exit slot, catering to your hydration needs. Moreover, it offers incredible versatility by allowing attachment to snowboards, skis, ice axes, and trekking poles, both at the front and back.

2. Mountain Magic 44 Liter Backpack: Your Hiking Companion

Meet the Aarn Mountain Magic, a beloved gem in our collection. This lightweight daypack, boasting 44 liters of capacity, is designed for hikers who prioritize natural movement with minimal effort and strain. It includes 37 liters in the main pack and an additional 7-liter Multi Balance Pockets.

What sets it apart is its commitment to maintaining your balance and posture, unlike traditional backpacks that can pull back on your shoulders and lead to back pain. With its virtually weightless design, the Mountain Magic ensures that you focus on the beauty of your surroundings, not the discomfort of your pack.

3. Featherlite Freedom 50-55L Backpack: Lightweight Powerhouse

The Aarn Featherlite Freedom balance pack represents the epitome of lightweight power, capable of carrying substantial volumes while feeling remarkably weightless on your back. Embracing the philosophy that 'light equals fast,' this backpack enables you to comfortably transport multiple heavy items. 

Its design incorporates tough and lightweight materials, along with an internal divider that minimizes discomfort associated with heavy loads. Furthermore, it accommodates bulky sleeping bags at the bottom of the pack, saving on stuff sac weight and ensuring a more balanced load distribution.

The Aarn Hydro Light 20 Liter Backpack.

4. Hydro Light 20 Liter Backpack: Light and Stable

For those of you who want an extremely light backpack, the Hydro Light is perhaps one of the most ideal. These daypacks, hanging comfortably from the shoulders, will allow you to jog or walk long distances, making it ideal for lengthy excursions. Equipped with a divider, they resist round-out even when overfilled, maintaining their slim and slender shape.

Their key features include straps that go over your chest for improved stability, back panel made of air-mesh and foam padding, straps to hold one litre water bottles, lights that reflect both on the front and back, and many others, all geared towards enhancing your backpacking experience.

5. Peak Aspiration 50-60 Liter Backpack: Dynamic and Versatile

The Aarn Peak Aspiration balance pack, with a capacity of 50-60 liters, is a dynamic day/overnight pack meticulously optimized for climbing, skiing, and hiking adventures. This mid-sized pack is designed for versatility, equipped with a full Pelvic Form hipbelt that effortlessly carries heavy weights, making it suitable for both simple day hikes and ambitious summit endeavors.

Loaded with features, the Peak Aspiration allows you to carry a wide range of gear for diverse conditions and activities. Additionally, optional Balance Pockets enhance balance, agility, and load-carrying efficiency, while the Balance Gear Racks alleviate the weight of climbing hardware during ascents.

6. Guiding Light 57-65 Liter Backpack: Dynamic Movement and Versatility

The Aarn Guiding Light balance pack, thoughtfully developed with New Zealand climbers in mind, is your ticket to dynamic movement and superb adaptability across diverse outdoor activities, including climbing, skiing, and hiking with trekking poles. Equipped with the Flow Motion harness system, this backpack is built for maximum agility and performance, making it one of the best hiking backpacks available.

What sets it apart is its unique feature that allows you to stow or remove tools without taking the pack off—a game-changer for convenience on the trail. Additionally, the Rope Door, cleverly situated behind your head, facilitates easy access for inserting or rolling out ropes, doubling as a hydration port with a loop for your hydration bladder.

The Aarn Natural Balance 59-63 Liter Backpack.

7. Natural Balance 59-63 Liter Backpack: Ultralight Adventure Companion

With a carrying capacity of 59–63 liters, the Aarn Natural Balance pack is a true treasure among ultralight backpacks. Reputable sources like the German Outdoor Magazine have praised and praised it. With attachments for ice axes, hiking poles, and ice clippers, this compact backpack is a great travel companion for a variety of outdoor activities.

It's the ideal hiking backpack for the adaptable outdoors person to bring along on camping excursions, trekks, and hikes. Its astonishing weightlessness on your back means you won’t have to worry about carrying too much weight while climbing mountains. You'll have better stability, balance, and a more upright posture when used in conjunction with Expedition Front Balance Pockets, which translates to less fatigue and strain.

The Aarn Featherlite Freedom 50-55L Backpack

8. Effortless Rhythm 66-72 Liter Backpack: Streamlined Comfort for Long Journeys

The Aarn Effortless Rhythm lightweight backpack is a testament to streamlined comfort, offering a twin-compartment design with a capacity of 66-72 liters, making it an excellent choice for extended hiking and climbing expeditions. What truly sets this backpack apart is its ability to comfortably accommodate high volumes of gear, making it the best hiking backpack for those venturing on longer backpacking adventures.

The sophisticated frame ensures a comfortable transfer of heavy loads to the hips while allowing free hip and shoulder movement. With roll closures in the top and bottom compartments, complete with waterproof liners, you can count on this backpack for maximum comfort and mobility.

9. Load Limo 70-80 Liter Backpack: Expedition-Ready Beast

Among all our Aarn backpacks, the Load Limo stands as our largest balance pack, boasting a colossal capacity of 70-80 liters—ideal for carrying substantial loads on long hikes and treks. This bag comes with a waterproof Dri-liner to guarantee that your belongings won't get wet while you're out exploring. When necessary, the liners and extended cover can be taken out to reduce volume and weight, giving you a variety of packaging alternatives.

The Flow-thru Stabilizers, Pelvic-Form hipbelt, and True-fit shoulder straps of the Load Limo ensure maximum ease and comfort. We advise adding the Expedition Front Balance Pockets to improve stability, balance, and posture while reducing wear and tear. These front pockets come with four mesh outside pockets with compression cords, zip flaps to shield goods from moisture, and waterproof Dri-liners. For the most adventurous hikers and backpackers, this is among the best lightweight backpacks since it keeps your goods dry and relieves back strain.

The Aarn Load Limo 70-80 Liter Backpack.

10. Little Llama 20 Liter Backpack: Lightweight Hydration Daypack

Our Little Llama, weighing just 1 lb 9 oz, is your ideal hydration daypack for various outdoor activities like hiking, running, trekking, and camping. Designed with a ventilated suspended-mesh system, it keeps you cool and dry in hot or humid conditions.

It features a front/top zip, front and side pockets, and many other features included for comfort. The daypack is hydration-compatible with a dedicated pocket. Multiple external pockets provide storage, and pole holders in front and behind add convenience for your gear.

Factors To Consider When Finalizing A Backpack

When choosing an Aarn backpack, there are several important factors to consider to ensure you select the right one for your specific needs. Here are three main factors to keep in mind:

Capacity and Size: Determine the volume of gear and supplies you plan to carry on your adventures. Aarn offers a range of backpack sizes, from smaller daypacks to larger expedition packs. Choose a capacity that suits your typical trip duration and gear requirements. Additionally, consider the size variations available within a specific model to ensure a personalized fit.

Activity and Terrain: Consider the type of outdoor activities you engage in and the terrain you explore. Some Aarn backpacks are optimized for particular activities like hiking, climbing, or skiing. Choose a backpack that aligns with your primary outdoor pursuits, as certain features may be tailored to specific activities.

Balance and Weight Distribution: Aarn backpacks are renowned for their balance and weight distribution capabilities. Assess whether the pack includes Balance Pockets and other features designed to distribute weight evenly across your body, reducing fatigue and strain. Balance is particularly crucial for long hikes and expeditions.

The Aarn Guiding Light 57-65 Liter Backpack with balance bags.

So, now that you’ve learned of the most impressive Aarn backpack for sale in our collection, it’s time to shortlist your favorites. If you are new to hiking and wish to start light, the Little Llama will make the perfect companion. But should you wish to challenge yourself with a longer, more challenging trek this winter, then you might want to go with the Load Limos.

You might also want to pair your backpacks with balance packs, hip belts, and bear canister holders for added comfort, support and safe storage. To learn more about Aarn backpacks, visit our online store today!


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