Science Smart

Professor Ray Lloyd pioneered the research into "Bodypacks". His research compared a backpack to an Aarn Flow Bodypack. The results were highly significant. In the Aarn Bodypack forward lean, energy consumption and body discomfort were greatly reduced.

The amount of forward lean with a Bodypack is determined by the relative volume of the pack on the back of the wearer and the Balance Pockets in front of the wearer, and the relative density of the items placed in each. By using the largest volume Balance pockets with a small to medium volume pack, and packing your heavier items as far forward and as low down as possible, it is possible to create a naturally balanced load carrying system. The center of gravity of your load perfectly matches the center of gravity of your body, both horizontally and vertically. No leverages are exerted on your back or shoulders and the forces acting on the body are reduced. Most importantly, the load will not alter your natural posture or your balance and body movement will be free and agile.

A naturally balanced load carrying system is the most practical, efficient and strain- free system possible. Combined with our Flow systems, it facilitates superb balance with the greatest body movement and load stability for dynamic rucksack sports.