3 Basic First Aid Techniques for Hiking Injuries

Hiking is a popular activity that comes with plenty of perks, including fresh air, good exercise, and excellent outdoor views. It’s a relatively safe activity compared to many outdoor activities, but you must prepare for emergencies during the journey. Having a first aid kit with you is necessary to ensure maximum safety in case things go south.

Moreover, you should know about the basics of providing first aid in case someone sustains an injury. Here are some basic first aid techniques for hiking injuries that you should know:

Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation (RICE)

Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation—also known as RICE—is a proven technique to treat sprains and strains fairly common during hiking sessions. Using these steps will minimize swelling and avoid further damage. Make sure you don’t move the injured part a lot. Moreover, the icing should be performed in a 20 minute on and off interval.

Stabilizing a spine

It may seem overwhelming, but stabilizing a spine is possible for a regular person. If someone suffers a massive blow in the head or back, call emergency medical help. Meanwhile, you must hold their head still, so they don’t move it in any direction. Placing heavy towels or rolled sheets on the neck can help prevent movement and save them from severing their injury.


To stop bleeding, remove any clothing on the wound and place a sterile bandage or clean cloth on it. Apply constant pressure until the bleeding stops. Never remove the bandage. If the blood seeps through it, add another dressing on top. Avoid pulling the impaled object; otherwise, it can damage nerves and blood vessels, leading to more damage and bleeding.

Always have a first-aid kit prepared

When you go hiking, you must have a first-aid kit prepared. It should contain pain relievers, adhesive bandages, adhesive cloth tape, gauze roll, antibiotic ointment packets, antiseptic wipe packets, and other necessary items listed on the red cross website. It never hurts to pack extra medication to ensure you have sufficient supplies in case of an emergency.

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