3 Best Camping Tours in the US

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Summer is the perfect time for camping as you can take advantage of the holidays and take a trip into nature to feel content and at peace. There are a variety of camping tours in the USA that offer backpackers an adventure in the wilderness combined with hiking various trails and enjoying marvelous views of the natural beauty of the land.

Here are a few camping tours you can sign up for to have the trip of your life.

1. Pacific Northwest Basecamp Tour

This camping tour is a six-day adventure that covers two iconic destinations in the Pacific Northwest; the Olympic National Park and the Mount Rainier National Park. Washington has plenty of rainfall throughout the year, ensuring that the parks are blanketed with lush green shrubbery all year round.

The camping tour is an opportunity to hike through dense rain forests and across rocky coastlines, viewing a 14,000-foot volcano and many waterfalls along the way. You'll cover an area of about 29 miles over the duration of the trip, and you'll have plenty of opportunities to spot various wildlife, including black bears, elk, banana slugs, whistling marmots, etc.

2. Yosemite Basecamp Tour

If you're an adventurer living for good times, you should join the basecamp tour that focuses on the beautiful Yosemite Valley. The trip takes around four days, and you'll have a chance to summit the two Yosemite peaks; Mount Hoffman and North Dome.

You'll also visit Cathedral Lakes and view iconic places, such as the Nevada and Vernal Falls and the Mist Trail. You might get a chance to sight black bears, squirrels, marmots, coyotes, etc.

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3. Women's Death Valley Basecamp Tour

Another excellent base camp tour takes you to the largest National Park in the US. This tour is run by females and for females and offers unique desert views to travelers. You'll walk across diverse terrains, such as sand dunes, oases, peaks covered with pinyon and juniper, the rocky Panamint mountains, etc.

Over the four days of the trip, you'll also get a chance to experience history as you track across volcanic deposits, mining remains, petroglyphs, etc.

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