4 Hikes that Are Simple But Rewarding

Hikes don’t need to be complex to be rewarding. Plenty of simple hikes in the country offer breathtaking views of nature.

We’ve listed 4 hikes that are simple but incredibly rewarding:

1. The Watchman Trail in Utah

The Watchman Trail is a simple 2-mile round trip in Utah. It can be completed in an hour if you’re in good health. The trail is straightforward; you’ll climb into the foothills surrounding The Watchman and Bridge Mountain. Hikers can walk through overhanging cliffs, layers of stratified rock, and make their way towards captivating signs of the Virgin River and Towers of the Virgin.

If you live in Utah, walk The Watchman Trail and treat yourself to some of the country’s greatest geological wonders.

2. Trading Post Trail At Red Rocks Park in Colorado

Those living in Denver who want to explore its natural landscape should walk The Trading Post trail. The trail is one of the most popular trails in the state, it’s only 25 minutes from the center of the city.

Compared to other trails in Denver, the Trading Post Trail is quite flat. Hikers will walk through large formations of red rock. Once you’ve conquered the trail, you can push things up a notch and hike up to the amphitheater or try the Red Rocks Trail.

3. South Valley Park Trails in Colorado

The South Valley Parking Trails in Colorado can be covered in 30 minutes. The short trails are great for morning walks; they’re perfect to kick-start your day. The South Valley Park has 6 trails that will take you through the Red Rock formations located in the valley.

If you’re a hiker who prefers level hiking trails than you’ll love the South Valley Park Trails. The South Valley Park is solely an on-trail experience. Straying away from the trails and going into the park isn’t safe.

4. West Bank of the Virgin River in Utah

The trail to the West Bank of the Virgin River is a 5.7-mile long round-trip. It is located near Springdale and is suitable for hikers of all skill levels. The scenery is amazing and hikers will get to see sights including the Court of the Patriarchs, Lower Emerald Pool, as well as the Grotto.

Hikers and trail runners can visit the West Bank of the Virgin River any time of the year; the trail is open all year round.

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