4 Tips for Surviving in the Wilderness

Going for a hike can seem like an exciting adventure. You’re out in nature and enjoying a much-needed vacation with a close group of friends and family. What can go wrong? Hiking can seem like a fun activity, but it has its challenges too.

Hikers often fall prey to getting lost and ending up in the wilderness or unknown territory. Out of around every 100 search and rescue missions per year, approximately 90% are day-hikers. Getting lost can happen to even the most experienced hikers, but it’s about surviving the situation and getting out in one piece. Here are some tips for surviving in the wilderness:

Plan Ahead

The first step to any hike involves doing your research. A hike can often be unexpected and challenging when you’re not prepared and have no idea what is ahead of you. Research the route, locale, environment, any potential hazards, and obtain enough information to hike comfortably. Familiarize yourself with any possible stops or rest points along the way to ensure a smooth journey.

You can also choose a trail that has a slope that is suitable for everyone.

Travel in Groups

As mentioned above, hiking can lead to unprecedented and unexpected situations. Whenever you’re on a hike, be sure to inform others about your whereabouts or location, including whoever you are traveling with. Within groups, it is also easier to coordinate and discuss possible stops and meeting points.

Pack Your Essentials

No matter where you are hiking, it is essential to have your hiking checklist ready. A hiking checklist should include essentials. Some requirements include sunscreen, extra clothes, snacks, a map, and many more valuable resources. While you can be careful about packing all the essentials, ensure that your bag is light and doesn’t put pressure on your back.

Stay Hydrated

Hiking is more than a fitness exercise. You’re not only close to nature and exploring the world but also performing rigorous activity. The key to keeping yourself alive and sane in the wilderness is to increase your consumption of water. Drinking water helps prevent you from dehydration.

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