5 Must-Have Features of A Hiking Backpack To Never Compromise On

Choosing the best hiking daypack is the most important decision you must make for hiking preparation. Here's what you need to consider.

The Weight

The weight is the first thing to consider when choosing a hiking backpack. Hiking packs are generally larger than general-purpose backpacks, but they can't afford to be heavier. Carrying every little bit of weight on a hike can tire you.

Make sure to buy the best lightweight backpack you can find. While we're at it, look for ultralight hiking gear to make your travels easy.

Size Variety

Many brands market their packs as "one size fits all." It means that those backpacks don't perfectly fit any size. A good backpack is designed to attach itself perfectly to your body. Make sure the ultralight packs you choose come in different sizes and get one that fits you.

Weight Balance

Balanced day bags are probably the greatest thing to ever happen to bags since the invention of backpacks. Carrying weight on your back shifts your body's natural center of gravity towards your back. You have to balance it by tilting your pelvis, which is bad for your posture. Balanced day bags counter this with a second front compartment that brings the balance forward and gives you a natural posture.

person carrying a balanced day pack

Comfort and Ease

Being lightweight, the right size, and having balanced pockets all contribute to the comfort and ease of hiking packs. Still, look for ultralight pack brands that prioritize your comfort over everything else. When you're on a hike, you don't want an uncomfortable pack getting in the middle of it or an unbalanced pack causing you back pain. Never compromise on comfort for anything.

Variety of Compartments

You only realize the importance of various compartments after accidentally buying one with no pockets. When packing for a hike, you want to separate your belongings by size. All the small things go in small pockets, while your tent and pillows go in larger ones. This makes it easier to find things—imagine having to look through your clothes for a toothbrush. Make sure your hiking backpack has a variety of compartments before finalizing your purchase.

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