5 Reasons to Love Ultralight Backpacking!

Hiking and backpacking are two of the most enjoyable outdoor experiences. Backpacking in the wilderness pushes you to your limits and is an exhilarating experience. You get to explore places few people have discovered and enjoy nature in all its splendor. Not to mention, backpacking has been deemed one of the safest outdoor activities during the pandemic with little chance of coming into contact with an infected person as long as you follow some basic rules.

However, there is nothing worse than struggling with each step as you hike due to a heavy backpack and getting exhausted before you reach your goal. Sore and aching muscles for days after the hiking trip is also not fun.

The solution is ultralight backpacking!

Professional and seasoned backpackers swear by this method and credit ultralight backpacking with making their trip more enjoyable and less strenuous.

Here are some of our top reasons why you should consider ultralight backpacking for your next trip:

Greater Comfort

Being comfortable on your hike is an essential part of having fun and not tiring yourself out. Posture plays an important role in ensuring your comfort. Heavy backpacks can ruin your posture causing you to stay uncomfortable throughout your hike and have less energy for anything else. With an ultralight backpack, your back stays straight and your head high in the proper posture, which means you can breathe easier and enjoy more of the nature around yourself. You can also tackle more challenging routes and trails with less burden on your back.

Travel Faster Using Less Energy

Timing your hike is critical so that you can reach your goal before dark and set up camp easily. With an ultralight backpack, you have less weight on your back, which allows you to move faster while using less energy. This means you can explore more without being slowed down by a cumbersome weight on your back.

Reduced Risk of Injuries

Too much weight can cause you to be clumsy on the trails and increase your risk of injuries. You are a lot more likely to slip, trip, or lose your balance when you are carrying a heavy backpack. An ultralight backpack gives you more stability and allows you to balance yourself better on tricky landscapes.

Easy to Pack and Unpack

Ultralight backpacking means you carry less stuff, and the gear that you take with you is lightweight, compact, and easy to fit into a backpack. This makes it easier to pack your stuff for the trip, get the things you need while hiking quickly and easily without having to empty the whole backpack, and unpack and put away your stuff when you get home.

Fewer Aches and Pains

A lightweight backpack will cause less harm to your body over time, and you will have less wear and tear that can result in chronic painful conditions. You will also have reduced aftereffects after the hiking trips such as back pains and muscle soreness that can last days if you overexert yourself hiking with a heavy backpack.

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