5 Things to Keep in Mind When Backpacking During the Pandemic

Whether you’re planning to take a road trip or flight during the pandemic, don’t forget to keep certain items in your backpack. We understand that fresh air and healthy outdoor activities are important for your mental and physical health. This means you must carry the following items with you because these items are necessary to stop the virus from spreading.

1. Hand Sanitizer with at Least 60% Alcohol

Other than frequent hand washing, you must also keep a bottle of hand sanitizer (that contains at least 60% alcohol). Because not everyone would be able to wash their hands with an antibacterial soap every time they touch an object. With a hand sanitizer, you will be able to eliminate any risks of catching the virus or falling sick immediately.

2. Keep a Mask to Cover Your Face

Wearing a surgical mask means you not only protect yourself but others as well. According to the CDC, everyone should cover their nose and mouth whenever in public or traveling. By wearing a mask you significantly reduce the risks of passing on the virus or germs whenever you cough or sneeze.

3. Wear Disposable Gloves

While you’re traveling, it’s not convenient to clean everything before or after touching, like faucets or door handles. So, the best alternative is to wear disposable gloves and keep some in your bag. You can pack them in a sufficient quality but make sure you clean your hands before wearing one and carefully dispose of them.

4. Keep Toilet Papers & Other Toiletries Supplies

Due to the pandemic, many public bathrooms are closed, some restaurants are no longer facilitating customers with bathrooms. Because there’s a concern that flushing toilets can potentially increase the spread of COVID-19.

However, when hiking you can go wherever and whenever you want. Just avoid sharing your toiletries to minimize risks of contamination and spreading the virus.

5. Take Your Own Water Bottle

Many public drinking water fountains have been turned off due to the pandemic. Because the surface around fountains is touchable, and it can increase the risk of transmitting the virus. So, instead of relying on public water fountains, you can take a reusable bottle that you can re-fill from a clean faucet.

Final Takeaway

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