8 Outdoor Activities Safe for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy can put many physical limitations on a woman’s body and keep them from engaging in many outdoor activities. However, many activities require minimal physical strain and can be enjoyed by most expecting mothers. In fact, outdoors can offer new mothers a chance to rejuvenate their emotional health. Here are few activities that are deemed perfectly safe for pregnant women in the first and second trimesters.

1. Fishing

Fishing can offer pregnant women the perfect chance to enjoy a day in the outdoors with their families. There is only limited physical exertion required in this activity, whereas the emotional rewards are unmatched.

2. Paddle Boarding

If you are a lover of water sports, then you shouldn’t let pregnancy-related fears stop you from enjoying paddleboarding. Paddle through your favorite lakes and rivers and enjoy a family day out in nature.

3. Hiking

Hiking sites are easy to find in most areas and localities. With the right supplies and ultralight hiking gear, any pregnant woman can take on a hiking expedition. Ultralight hiking pants can also be useful for women during early pregnancy to make a hiking adventure more comfortable.

4. Swimming

Swimming is a perfectly safe outdoor activity for pregnant women who have been habitual swimmers all their lives. It can help you stay fresh and offer you a chance to exercise in a natural and healthy way.

5. Carnival Games

Although most rough rides and roller coasters can be unsafe for expecting women, these women can still enjoy carnivals. Carnival games are a great way to engage in the festivities of a carnival and win prizes simultaneously.

6. Watching Sports

When you can’t actively participate in sports, you can always watch and enjoy these activities as a spectator. Go to a baseball or football game nearby, and have a day full of family fun without much physical effort.

7. A Picnic

A picnic in a park can make a perfectly enjoyable and safe outdoor activity for most pregnant women. Enjoy a family picnic in a garden or just go to a natural park on your own.

8. Camping

Camping is among the most favorite outdoor hobbies of Americans in most states. Pregnant women can buy ultralight packs from Light Hiking Gear and other easy-to-carry supplies for their trip and spend a weekend close to nature in a camp.


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