A Great-Fitting Hiking Pack

If you find that you enjoy yourself more when you’re outside, walking the Earth and enjoying all its beauty has to offer, then you’ve no doubt tried a number of hiking packs looking for the best. Today, Light Hiking Gear will shed some light upon the importance and significance of the right hiking pack.

Why Great Hiking Packs Matter

If you’ve ever worn an uncomfortable or heavy pack on even a moderately long hike, then you’ve probably felt the uncomfortable shoulder, neck, and back pain that comes with that. In fact, most of us have never worn an ergonomically-sound hiking pack before, so it is tough to imagine what a pain-free hiking experience would feel like. The first time you experience a pack that feels like it was made for you, it will likely be a surreal experience that you won’t soon forget!

Fitting Like a Glove

You wouldn’t want to go hiking in boots that are too big, too small, or too heavy; that’d be a recipe for disaster. Likewise, a daypack that forces the load within to be distributed across your body unevenly or without intelligent design is going to force you to work far harder and leave you feeling sore - worse, you can even feel off-balance, which can lead to injury during your hike. The difference between the best hiking packs, such as our "Balance Packs", and an average backpack or department store hiking pack is astounding.

More than a Bag and Some Straps

Your hiking pack shouldn’t just be a bag and some straps; in fact, most backpacks are made completely wrong. A common complaint raised to parents centers around the damage caused by backpacks in children and adolescents; much of this damage comes from poorly-designed packs that do not use the body’s natural structure as a strength, but actually tax that strength instead. If a trip from the bus to class is too much of a strain, you can bet your scenic hikes and camping trips are causing their fair share of spinal damage. At Light Hiking Gear, we set out to counteract and prevent this damage to allow you to focus on the hiking and camping you love, not the shoulder pain that makes you want to stop and stretch every couple of miles.

Counter-Balanced Bodypacks

At Light Hiking Gear, we have put real science to work in each of our Bodypacks. Through strategically-applied engineering and a willingness to think outside the box, we have designed a pack that is sure to feel better, longer - because it was designed to do so. By taking advantage of the counterbalance function of our Balance Pockets, your Bodypack will keep you from needing to constantly correct for the extra weight that is dragging you backward and downward; instead, your balance will be restored to the core of your body, allowing you to carry far more for far longer. Many of our satisfied customers are well into their 70’s and still enjoying scenic hikes without back or shoulder pain, all thanks to our body-first approach to each of our packs. Once you try Light Hiking Gear, you’ll never spend time looking for the best hiking packs again!


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