Accessories that Go with Your Hiking Backpack

Beyond the essentials—backpack, food, and water—it’s the little things that matter on a hiking trip. There are many items that can enhance your trekking experience or provide you with additional safety when lumbering through more dangerous lands, and it’s best to invest in them now instead of regretting not doing so later on. We want your backpacking experience to be as smooth as possible! Here are some of the best accessories we’ve got for you:

Balance gear racks

These balance gear racks provide the perfect counterbalance for the weight of your backpack and lets you attach your climbing hardware and other gear into an ergonomic and easily accessible position. The rack takes the weight off your shoulders and onto your hips, reducing any strain that might undergo otherwise. It’s an amazing piece of equipment for those who regularly go on more challenging hikes that require climbing or longer periods of activity.

Cooling neckerchief

The Aarn cooling neckerchief is a 100% cotton batik neckerchief that’s available in multiple colors and attractive prints. This 36” long, lightweight scarf contains polymer crystals that release water over time, functioning as an air conditioner for sweaty and tired backpackers on their journeys. Soak it in some water for just 45 minutes to let the crystals hydrate and enjoy the wonderful cooling action for hours to come! Whether you’re a hiker, backpacker, or nature lover, this necktie is sure to become your favorite accessory.

Poncho rain gear

The WaterWizard is an innovative solution for facing wet weather on your backpacking adventures. The large parka provides complete cover from rain, wind, and snow for both you and your backpack. This lightweight cover is a one-piece combo that protects your hip belt and shoulder straps from the rain, keeping you safe from having to endure damp and cold pack straps the next day.

Bear canister holder

The bear canister holder is the ultimate solution for campers and hikers who want to keep their food and medicine safe from nature and many creatures. This lightweight attachment allows you to secure a bear canister on top of your hiking backpack and has a cam-lock buckle that allows the option of quick release.

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