Backcountry Backpacking – Tips to Traveling Light!

Are you packing for a backcountry backpacking adventure? Here are a few tricks and trips to help you pack light.

Camping with Aarn - Traveling Light

Backcountry hiking is a one of a kind experience that allows you to connect with Mother Nature like never before. With wilderness spread all around you – no roads, no modern-day amenities – backcountry backpacking is the real deal when it comes to finding adventure.

However, the same traits that make backcountry journeys so thrilling also make it so NOT a piece of cake for everyone. It’s challenging – both mentally and physically. Backcountry backpacking will test your stamina and strength to the extremes before rewarding you with experiences that are truly unforgettable.

It may be challenging, but it’s not something that can’t be accomplished with perseverance and smart packing. When we say “smart” – we mean “light”. It’s a revered skill. What you pack in your backpacks can actually make a whole lot of difference to your overall backcountry hiking experience.

So, when it comes to shed the non-essential weight from your backpacks, what do you do? You follow these tips:

Pick an UltraLite Backpack

First things first, you need to pick the right backpack; and what could be better than one out of our Ultralite series. If you’re looking for something that is extremely light yet incredibly strong at the same time, it doesn’t get better than this. These lightweight spacious backpacks are designed to give you enough room to pack your essentials, without breaking your back – both figuratively and literally. We, at Light Hiking Gear bring you the best of bodypacks, backpacks, hiking gear and hiking products that ensure you travel light and enjoy more.

Choose Your Clothing Wisely

Cotton is heavier to pack and carry around. You should instead opt for clothing made of lightweight synthetic fabric/material. In addition to weighing less, these clothes are generally water resistant and will save you the need to carry your rain gear.

Plus, you don’t need those puffy jackets, unless you’re hitting a trail with freezing temperatures – leave it out, and always check for weather forecasts.

Improvise for the Tents

Let’s face it; carrying a tent, its stakes and poles is a lot of weight to carry around. You can cut down the load by improvising.

Use tarp instead of the tent. It provides you the same outer covering as the tent at almost half the weight. If you’re worried about the bugs – use an insect repellent!

No tent means you’re already shedding the weight of poles. Now, how do you make your tarp shelter stand? Use your trekking pole instead – you just need one anyway.

Know the Wonders of Vaseline

Not many people know about this, but Vaseline is your multi-purpose handy resource on a backcountry backpacking excursion. It will keep your skin moisturized, help you avoid foot blisters, allow you to start a fire and keep it burning, and cure skin infections too. Now that’s a lot of things you can do with just Vaseline – who knew?

Share the Weight

If you’re not making this journey alone – use it to your advantage. Share the burden with others. Obviously, you as a group don’t need more than one stove or kettle or other things that you can make do with just one – distribute the sharable gear evenly among all members of the expedition. This will help everyone carry minimal weight without leaving out anything behind.

Try out these tips on your next backcountry adventure. Also, if you’ve got some smart packing tips you’d like to share, let us know about them!


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