Backpacking Tips for Beginners

Backpacking Tips for Beginners

New to Backpacking? Read This!

Backpacking is an interesting experience and attracts a lot of beginners every summer, because of the sheer excitement it offers. With so much to learn and unearth, a backpacking trip does not only offer an adventurous getaway, but also a chance to learn new experiences and step out of the comfort zone.

Experienced individuals who have been repeatedly doing the drill for some time now, have got a hang of the experience. But the beginners, who try out the adventurous excursion, have to go through various new experiences.

As a beginner, it is imperative that all precaution and care be taken to ensure that there are no discrepancies. Additionally, before you plan your journey, make sure to purchase one of the best lightweight daypacks for travel and hiking on our website! Some tips that can come in handy during this exciting time are:

Go with an experienced partner

While going alone on your first backpacking trip sounds exhilarating and exciting, it is not always the best way to go about things. There is a lot than can go wrong during a beginners first backpacking trip, therefore, the presence of an experienced pro can come in handy during these troubled times.

Furthermore, an experienced partner can guide you along the way and make you learn from their experience. You can then practice and implement the learning you have earned from them when you go on solo backpacking trips in the future.

Do not compromise on your personal health

Personal health is the number one prerequisite for a backpacking trip. The individual setting out on the trip should be fit enough to counter the difficulties that come along with the adventure. A fit backpacker is not only physically strong, but also mentally active to tackle every problem that may arise on the move. It is also advised that you pack all first aid equipment with you, to be ready for any mishap that might occur during the expedition. We suggest packing all health and safety necessities into one of our best backpacking bags for comfort while hiking!

Make a plan and choose a route

Most experienced backpackers always set out with a plan and a route in their mind. While perfection cannot be expected from you during your first trip, it is still advised that you replicate the planning professionals do by making a plan and choosing a route. During the planning process, you may cover all of the following details:

  • Distance: The total distance you plan to cover during the trip.
  • The time on your hands: How much time do you have for the whole expedition?
  • Logistics: Where will you stay during the nights?
  • Plan for the weather: The weather is an important force, so it is always good to plan for it in advance.

Each of the details mentioned above is of particular importance, and should not be neglected in the planning process.

Choose the Best Backpacking Gear

Backpacking without sufficient gear is like getting out on the soccer field with flip flops on. You need to be very particular about the gear and select what best covers your needs. The most important part of the gear is your backpack, which you can select from the exemplary portfolio of some of the best packs for backpacking we have At Light Hiking Gear’s USA.


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