Benefits of Using Portable Stoves in Modern-Day Camping

If you’ve ever looked at a camping checklist, you’ve probably come across the term “camping stove” many times. Do you really need one, though? If you’re bringing raw ingredients or are hiking to a place that doesn’t have a water filtration system or need to boil water for other reasons, it’s probably a good idea to bring a camping stove along.

Here are some general advantages of bringing a camping stove to your next camping trip:

Easy to ignite

Portable stoves are easy to light up with a lighter or match even in windy or wet conditions, so you don’t have to forage for kindling or keep track of your fire-starting equipment. Firewood can be difficult to arrange beforehand. Even beginners can light it up without any training, making it perfect for people who are new to hiking and camping.


Damp wood refuses to light up—but camping stoves can work in wet conditions, providing some much-needed heat and the ability to make warm food and drinks even in the middle of a storm. Nobody wants to get caught up in the rain without any way to eat or stay warm.

Even cooking

Open fires are largely uncontrolled and don’t cook your food evenly. Instead of picking out charred bits and pieces from the edges of your food, get a camping stove to control its heat and the temperature that you cook at to get perfectly cooked food every time.

Easy to figure out

Camp stoves are rather similar to gas stoves in a kitchen, so there’s a rather easy learning curve. You don’t have to spend precious time struggling to figure out how to make it work—start cooking or making coffee whenever you want, wherever you want.

Many parks have burn bans, but they still allow camping stoves, so you don’t have a choice but to use one for cooking your food. Make sure to check the park rules before you take your equipment along.

Carry your stove in a comfortable hiking backpack

Transporting your stove to your camp is going to be challenging if you don’t plan ahead. Light Hiking Gear provides some of the best daypacks for hiking and bodypacks that can fit your portable stove and other accessories such as bear-resistant food containers and waterproof tarps. We aim to provide hikers and campers with high-quality solutions that make their adventures safe and fun.

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