Hiking 101: All You Need to Know About Utah’s National Parks

A mountain and valley in Utah

In the southern part of Utah, there is a large expanse of red rock that houses five national parks of Utah. These parks attract a large number of visitors each year, such as hikers, backpackers, tourists, and Utah natives.

The parks offer beautiful and scenic views, a network of hiking trails, rugged terrains, small hills, unique rock formations, and more.

Here's all you need to know about the five national parks of Utah.

1. Arches National Park

The Arches National Park has beginner-friendly trails for day hikers and many opportunities for climbers and canyoners. It's perfect for families with kids and travelers who want access to amenities available in the nearby town.

2. Canyonlands National Park

This park is ideal for adventurous travelers who want to go for overnight camping trips or day-long hikes on remote and challenging trails. There are also opportunities for mountain biking and sea kayaking. The best time to visit this park for hiking is during the summer.

3. Bryce Canyon National Park

The park has large, towering rocks that go as high as 8000 feet. It also has lush green forests that provide a beautiful contrast with the red rocks. The park is known for its large concentration of hoodoos, eroded and unique rock formations. The trails are easy to traverse for both families with kids and beginner backpackers or amateur hikers.

A rock formation in Utah

4. Zion National Park

This park is the most popular National Park in the USA and is dotted with sandstone cliffs that provide beautiful views to visitors. You can travel with a hiking excursion group or trek on your own through the Hidden Canyon trail and the Watchman Trail.

The month of March is the busiest season for this park as many people who're on spring break flock to the park for sunsets or spend a day hiking its many trails.

5. Capitol Reef National Park

The last park is Capitol Reef which is very underrated and doesn't get a lot of visitors. The park has impressive geologic features such as the Waterpocket Fold, a 100-smile wrinkle present on the Earth's surface.

There are many desert off trails for hikers from beginner to experienced level. Travelers who want to enjoy some peace and quiet can also come to this park and hike or bicycle through the Cathedral Valley Loop Road or the Capitol Reef Scenic Drive.

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