How to Get Kids Excited About Hiking

Most kids are all about having fun and going out for an adventure. But when it comes to hiking and long walks, it’s difficult to get your child hyped.

Going on a hike can seem like a chore to kids, and doing so without electronics can be downright frightening, especially if your child loves using their iPad for gaming and watching YouTube videos.

But don’t worry, we’ve got great tips to help you get your child into hiking!

Here are a couple of things you can do:

Let Your Child Take the Lead

hike with your child is by sitting down with them and giving them a map

One of the best ways to plan a hike with your child is by sitting down with them and giving them a map.

Choose a national park that has trails that are kid-friendly. You need to start with an easy route to make sure your child is having fun. This will boost their confidence, as they’ll be overjoyed to finish their first hike.

For a little bit of fun, tell your child you don’t remember the way. Let them lead you through the trail a bit. This will also instill a good sense of direction in them.

Make It Entertaining

Tell your child you’ll be looking for fairies, gnomes, and Big Foot to make the journey interesting. You can even promise them a small surprise at the end of it all. This will encourage them to go on the hike and keep things interesting at the same time.

On your way, make sure to stop for a picnic or a bonfire. Bring plenty of food, snacks, and water, because hiking takes up a lot of energy, and can prove to be tiring for your child. They’ll need to keep hydrated. You can bring juice, as well as chocolates and granola bars, to keep their energy levels up.

In a nutshell, don’t let them get hangry!

Also, choose a trail with a lot of wildlife so your child can have some fun. Use your smartphone to take pictures of the animals with your child and print them later on. You can make a scrapbook using those pictures as a reminder of your trip!

Turn Back Before They Get Tired

Kids really cranky when they’re tired. So, make sure to choose a trail that isn’t difficult to hike on. A trail that’s two miles long is good enough. But make sure to take a 15-minute break when your child starts feeling tired.

Let them rest before continuing or turn back after a 15-minute break.

And last but not least…

Hiking can be fun, but make sure your child is safe from harm. Investing in top-notch hiking gear can ensure your hiking trip goes smoothly.

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