How To Select And Utilize A Bear Canister For Backpacking

People used to hang food in trees to store their food during camping. There is a better option these days: a bear canister that is a small, hard-sided, and portable food locker.

Bear canisters ensure that bears don't get the food and it remains safe and secure from their sight. Bear canister holders are helpful when you go backpacking in parks and forests in the US.

Most backpackers must know how to select and utilize bear canisters at some point. It can keep bears, raccoons, rodents, and other animals away from food and other items, such as toiletries and trash.

Here's how you can select and utilize a bear canister for backpacking:

1. Selection Of A Bear Canister

Before hiking, familiarize yourself with food storage requirements in the hiking area. Two certifications that will ensure the safety of bear canisters even if you're not hiking in a place that needs them include Sierra Interagency Black Bear Group (SIBBG) and the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (IGBC) certifications.

A good thumb rule for selecting the correct size is 100 in3 (1.6L) per day for toiletries, food, and other essential items. This rule works well if your food isn't too high in calories and you don't pack too many toiletries.

2. Utilizing A Bear Canister

When hiking, put a canister in the middle of your backpack. Keeping the gear close to your shoulder and back would be wise. When you're going to put canisters away for the night, turn them upside down. That way, rain won't seep in, and there would be fewer chances for bears breaking the lid.

It would be best to ensure the canisters are 100 feet away from your tent. Put reflective stickers and fluorescent paint on them to make them more visible at night. Don't put a canister on a ledge or near a lakeshore because it could be dangerous.

3. Dos and Don'ts

Never place your canisters against hard surfaces such as rocks and roots. These surfaces are hard enough for a bear to damage a canister by putting all its weight on them.

Placing backpacks against hard rocks is not a good option

Air-sealed food containers balloon out, causing air bubbles to fill up the inside. Choose a few things you'll want to eat early on in the trip, poke a small hole on the container's top, and squeeze out the air bubbles.

When you're hiking in cold and humid conditions, think about sealing things in odor-eliminating barrier bags.

Keep your hands and other smelly things away from the exterior part of your backpack. It can sometimes be hard for hikers to open the lid in cold weather because it's so cold. It might be easier to slide the top open if you put a thin card between the cap and the stop tab.

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