Model Refinements

Shoulder Straps

All shoulder straps on our Aarn bodypacks now have sternum straps and you can add the optional X Flow straps to our Marathon and Mountain Magic models to create the Omni-flow system for amazing freedom of movement and pack stability.


Our larger models have revised frame systems which are lighter yet have a higher load capability, with stiffer alloy perimeter frames and hollow internal stays, which disperse the loads over a large area, thereby maximizing durability. The largest pack models are now under 4.4 lbs. All models now auto-mold to your back shape, making pack fitting easier and faster. As well, we have optimized the height of the pivot point of the Pelvic-Form hipbelt, thereby creating an even more responsive and friction-free movement to the hips.


The Auto-Form and Pelvic-Form hipbelts use our new quick release Quadro buckle which spreads the load over a much wider area of the tummy than other brands, reducing strain.


We've added thick 3D Mono-filament mesh with a softer upper surface is now used in the back-panels for superb breathability and back cooling.


  • Models with waterproof liners are now pack-raft compatible.
  • Extra loops have been added to attach Lasso-Loc straps to the deck of the pack raft or pack rafts to the bottom of your pack.


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