Reasons You Should Plan a Backpacking Trip This Spring

Good-bye winter, hello spring!

There’s the fragrance of lavenders in the air and you can feel the warm sun rays on your back. The world looks beautiful, and it's the perfect season to get out of the house and go someplace. If you’re unsure about your next trip, try going backpacking. Although it’s not common, you’re sure to enjoy every second of it. Here are some reasons why spring season backpacking makes for unforgettable experiences:


Let’s start with the flowers. On your journey, you’ll encounter poppies, sunflowers and roses. You’ll also see some really rare species of flowers that bloom only a couple of weeks in the spring. Moreover, you’ll get to experience puddles---you can stomp in them and feel like a little kid again---some light rain and waterfalls. During the spring, the flow of water in waterfalls is heavier because of melting snow. With leaves shedding, you'll have bare trees, which means you can have a very clear view of mountain peaks.

Pleasant Weather

In the summers, it’s just too hot to go backpacking---in fact, many backpackers end up with harsh sunburns and some even get heat strokes. In the winters, the cold and sub-zero temperatures in some places can make it dangerous to go backpacking. However, in the spring, everything is a bit cooler. You can travel further and explore more without getting exhausted from the heat or cold.

Lower Prices

Popular places, and even those that are less visited, will have discounts on several things, such as lodging costs, souvenirs, and entry fees in the spring. This works to your advantage as it can let you experience a place that might otherwise be way out of your budget.

Fewer Mosquitoes and Other Insects

Sure, you’ll find mosquitoes in the spring, but they won’t be in abundance. Mosquitoes generally prefer to feast on human blood during the summer months. So, it’s safe to say you don’t have to worry about mosquitoes when you’re sitting around the campfire with your friends telling ghost stories. Moreover, there’s also a good chance that bugs won’t be lurking around your sleeping bags as they’re usually still hibernating.

Fewer Crowds

In the summer, you’ll find huge crowds of people. In fact, unless you call in advance, you might even have a tough time getting a place to stay. Moreover, you won’t be able to sit and view the sunset properly when there are too many people around. However, if you’re going in the spring, you’ll avoid this problem altogether.

Last Thoughts

Make sure you get a lightweight backpack for when you’re going hiking. A heavy backpack can slow you down and exhaust you before you even make it to your destination. At Light Hiking Gear, we sell some of the most comfortable backpacks. Contact us to learn more.


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