Sustainable Backpacking — 3 Clever Products to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

The planet is suffering from excessive greenhouse emissions and pollution caused by various industries. Each year the United States government spends millions of dollars cleaning up waste and littered parks, roadways, and coastal areas. Even with extensive fines levied by the U.S. government ranging anywhere from $25 to $30,000, some people still don’t care about the penalties or the fines, which is a real shame.

Preserving nature is essential if you wish to continue enjoying the simple joys such as backpacking and hiking. Our expert backpackers and avid hikers recommend keeping the environmental impact of exploring nature to a minimum by investing in sustainable products that will reduce your carbon footprint.

A trash bin overflowing with garbage on a beautiful mountain trail

Here are some of our favorite sustainable hiking and backpacking products for outdoor lovers:

Beeswax Food Wraps

How many times have you warped up a few sandwiches to eat on the trail and ended up discarding the plastic cling wrap once you were done with your meal? Plastic cling wrap is very dangerous for the environment as well as the wildlife and can take years to decompose. Instead of wrapping up your food in plastic, choose sustainable beeswax food wraps that not only keep your food fresh and safe from bacteria but are also reusable. As a bonus, beeswax food wraps can also be used as natural fire starters on the trail or composted as natural waste!

Reusable Utensils

You might be tempted to take some single-use plastic utensils to use on your backpacking trip. However, it is much better for the environment and for your pocket to take reusable utensils such as stainless-steel spork, silicone drinking straw, and reusable silicone bags or containers to carry your meals. This way, you don’t have to carry extra utensils in your backpack and just reuse the ones you have, reducing the amount of waste produced and preventing more plastic from ending up polluting the earth.

An environment friendly tote bag

Waterproof Tote Bags

many backpackers carry plastic bags to keep any clothes that get dirty or wet on the trail. However, these plastic bags only end up being discarded once you get home and end up in the overflowing landfills across the country. Waterproof tote bags are a practical and sustainable alternative for plastic bags. They are easy to carry and spacious enough to put all your dirty or wet clothes in it. They can also be tossed in the laundry with all the other clothes and reused on your next hiking trip!

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