The Best Time of the Year to Go Hiking

The U.S. has expansive and varied terrain; each state has a unique geographical layout that’s worth exploring. The adventurer in you is probably already itching to get out there and see everything there is to see, but it’s important to know the best times to hike all through the year.

Now that spring is nearly here, you’re lucky because it’s the perfect hiking season across the board. Summer and winter tend to see a lot of extreme weather, making it difficult to explore the beauty of a place. However, that’s the appeal of an activity like hiking; hot weather or snow-covered surfaces rarely hinder your plans.

If you’re looking to explore areas like the Rocky Mountains, Wine Country or any other area in the United States, any time that suits you will work. However, the things that you need to consider are:


If you’d rather avoid large tourist groups and crowds, any trail you visit should be during the off-season. You can go in early spring when it’s still chilly, or all through fall and winter. Summer and late spring tend to attract tourists, so you’ll be running into people wherever you go. In places like Aspen, where skiing and other winter sports are popular, summer, fall or spring might open up great opportunities for you.

Guided tours and hikes

Guided tours and hikes

If you'd rather go on a guided excursion, the tourism season might be exactly what you need. Several tourist groups launch excursions in peak seasons, which are great for those hikers who are unfamiliar with an area or would like to partake in additional activities.


Hiking requires you to pack athletic wear and gear that you can comfortably and safely move in. From yoga pants and sports bras to jackets, trainers and books. If the weather is particularly cold, you'll need to bundle up too. Be sure to find weather that you can enjoy, instead of feeling overwhelmed by. Pack a comfortable hiking backpack and some ultralight hiking gear such as ours and head out in ease.


Your views will also change depending on the season you go hiking. Summer and spring will bring you wonderful, warm sunny skies and greenery in full bloom, but fall offers stunning yellows and reds as the trees change color, while winter brings with it snow, frozen lakes and rivers, and an incomparable quiet.

It doesn’t matter how far you go when you go hiking; it only matters that you’re out and about and become one with nature!


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