Top 7 Hiking Destinations That You Must Go To This New Year

New Year's calls for something new, something different, something more challenging to do- individually or collectively. Almost everyone repeats the same way of celebrating- hitting the bar, drinking and waking up to a killer hangover.

Well, this New Year's dare to do something different by hitting the American hills and basking in their beauty.

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Here are the top 7 hiking destinations that you must go to this New Year for an unforgettable time:

1. Cascade Mountain- Keene, N.Y

Named after the immaculate waterfall cascading to the very base of the mountain, this is one of the easiest trails to embark the hiking journey on. Rejoice in the splendorous sights of New York's woodlands and dive into the depths of natural basin boasting crystal clear, refreshing water.

2. Cape Henry Trail- Virginia Beach, VA

Located in the heart of First Landing State Park, the Cape Henry Trail is a trail based on a stretch of 6 miles. With a rather flat surface, this trail takes you amidst the swamps, forests and salt marshes, allowing you to glory in the natural, tropical wildlife.

3. Appalachian Trail- Monson Maine

For a terrifyingly challenging hike, hit the Appalachian Trail thriving in the heart of Maine's wilderness. This 100 mile long trail boasts luscious blooms and exotic wildlife creatures in the first 30 miles of the trail, after which it transforms into a more challenging, rugged landscape, pushing you out of your comfort zone and into a more venturesome one.

4. Beacon Heights- Linville, N.C

Hike a short trail that stretches for less than a mile and reach forth to the apex of Beacon Heights for a refreshing taste of invigorating views of the Rough Ridge Overlook, Grandfather Mountain and the MacRae Peak. Farther from this trail, venture into its Tanawha Trail branch and bask in the magnificence of Mountains to the Sea Trail.

5. Mt. Tammany- Worthington State Forest, N.J

Looking over the Delaware Water Gap, giving you the panoramic views of the lake, the New Jersey Mountains are a short yet rewarding stretch of trails. Hike a 3.5 mile long trail full of sloped challenges and epic natural beauty.

6. Jay Peak Long Trail North- Jay, VT

Known as the 'footpath of wilderness", this mountain peak is one of America's oldest and most fascinating trail stretches. Beginning from Massachusetts and marking its end at the Canadian Border, the Jay Peak trail is ideal for hikers looking for long and engaging trails.

7. Old Rag Mountain- Shenandoah National Park, VA

If you are ready for some valorousness and high levels of adrenaline then head over for The Old Rag route. A journey of hiking through rugged terrains, embraced with wilderness and wildlife, this trail is one of America's boldest trails that get your very fine motor skills to your core throbbing with energy and adrenaline.

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