Trekking: Getting it Right

Prepare for the trekking journey early!

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Our bodies are surprisingly adaptable to many conditions. However, they need time to adjust to a sudden change.The environment and the challenges that accompany hiking and trekking are harsh and rigorous and, if the body isn’t fit enough, it won’t be ready to withstand these conditions. For especially challenging hikes, it’s recommended that you start training a year prior to the journey. Start building up the stamina and get your body used the demanding and painstaking tasks that hiking calls for. Therefore, when the time comes, your body will already be in a perfect state, internally and externally, which is necessary for such expeditions.

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Add exercise to your routine

Your legs are your power source on treks and hikes. Therefore, they need to be strong and ready to carry you on arduous trips and across far distances. There are several exercises designed for building leg strength, such as squats, pushups, and long jogs. Get yourself in routine with these exercises long before you step out for your trip.

Eat right

One mistake that trekkers usually make is that they only focus on drinking water while they are trekking. Don’t make this mistake. Start drinking water two to three days before the day of the big trip so that your body is already adequately hydrated. Keep energy food with you, such as protein bars, dry fruits, nuts, on the hike and especially focus on your carb intake!

Do your homework

Do your research on the place you have chosen to hike. Learn about its weather conditions, study its routes, and develop an understanding the flora and fauna in that region to equip yourself accordingly. If you can recruit a local trekker, have them come along and show you the route!

Having the right gear

It is important that you get purchase clothing that is appropriate for the trip! Having the right gear is absolutely essential to a successful trekking trip.

Sturdy Boots – Purchasing the right kind of hiking boots that are designed to prevent your feet from twists, insect bites, and excessive strain on the ankles. Additionally, make sure they are waterproof.

Proper socks – Socks may seem very insignificant in the scheme of things, but when going for a trek, packing the right kind of socks is important. There are special hiking socks that keep feet cool in when it is too hot, and keep your feet warm when it is too cold. Also, they are durable, resist water, and dry quickly. Purchase them before your next trek. They will come handy.

A warm sleeping bag – You will be traveling long distances and camping at night. Therefore, a durable, waterproof, and lightweight sleeping bag is essential to providing comfortable padding to rest on while also keeping you safe from harsh weather!

The right kind of backpack – Your backpack will be your sole companion, especially if you are going alone. It will be your home. It will be your medical kit. It will be your food source. Choose wisely. Light Hiking Gear sells great trekking bags, which are durable, sturdy, and lightweight. Make sure that your trekking bag has multiple pockets with easy access, shoulder and hip padding, and is waterproof!

Sturdy walking poles – These make trekking easier and take the load off your knees and back. Get the right kind of walking poles that are lightweight, easy to carry, and have the ability to bear weight!

Thanks for reading today’s post and we hope you feel equipped to tackle the challenges associated with hiking! Make sure to check our trekking bags and see for yourself why Light Hiking Gear is one of the best hiking brands around!


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