Weighing a Backpack against Your Weight

Backpacks are an essential item for most outdoor activities. Choosing the right backpack for any outdoor activity can make all the difference in terms of convenience and comfort. The factor that is considered of serious importance when it comes to backpacks is their weight. Your physical balance while hiking is entirely dependent on how much weight you carry and its distribution. Here are some important facts every backpacker should know about weight balancing and its equivalent distribution.

Backpack Weight against Body Weight

There is no standard for an acceptable weight you should carry on a trip. The backpack you carry for your hiking trip should weigh less than 20% of your body weight. This 20% should include the weight of the bag itself and all the items it contains. The intelligent design of Aarn’s ultralight packs makes them ideal for hikers of every size and weight. Buy the best ultralight backpack from Light Hiking Gear that will perfectly complement your weight on any trip.

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Trip Duration and Weight

When leaving for a longer trip, you need to prioritize the essentials over the rest of the supplies. Make sure to pack enough water bottles to stay sufficiently hydrated throughout your journey. Food supplies also need to be in excess if you are planning an overnight trip. The backpack's weight still has to be within 20% of your body weight, so you have to compromise on the clothes, cameras, or other gadgets you carry. A smart way to handle this problem is by sharing backpack space with your trip partners. The members of your group who weigh more than the average can carry an extra bottle or two for their smaller members. This will help the whole group travel at the same speed and make the trip safer and enjoyable for all.

Packing a Backpack for Different Weathers

When packing for a summer trekking or camping trip, electrolytic fluids need to be packed in abundance. However, during winters, warmer clothes, blankets, and other winter essentials are more important. Share the weight of appliances like camping heaters amongst your touring group or take turns carrying heavier items.
To ensure none of you is carrying a backpack heavier than 20% of your weight, buy the best ultralight hiking gear at Light Hiking Gear. The ergonomic design allows your sleeping bag to sit at the bottom of the backpack, offering you ultimate mobility when walking.


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