Why You Shouldn’t Ever Say “NO” to a Backcountry Backpacking Adventure

When it comes to escaping from the everyday mess our lives have become, there is nothing more rewarding than the outdoors. Don’t think so?

You would, once you are done reading through these awesome benefits of venturing out on a backpacking adventure.

It’s a Welcome Retreat

What comes to your mind when you think of taking break from your hectic routine and city life to let loose and just rest yourself? A vacation, but that can be expensive. And it becomes easier to put this much-needed hiatus off simply because you can’t afford it. This however, is not the case when you’re backpacking in the backcountry. You just need to prepare your backpacks, gather your camping gear and set out – if you plan it well, it wouldn’t cost you much. Plus, it makes the perfect retreat for relaxation!

You Don’t Have to Be Alone

Unless you want to, that is. Backcountry backpacking is something you can do on your own or with a whole party – whichever way you prefer it. But, if you choose to go along with a group of people, it’s a great way to socialize and make the most of outdoor activities that aren’t so much fun when done alone! Besides, the more people you have with you, the easier it is to share the load and travel light.

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It’s Not All about Relaxing!

To be honest, backpacking to the backcountry can be arduous. Hiking, climbing, kayaking – all these outdoor activities are a test of your endurance. It builds up your stamina, teaches you the art of survival, and improves your physical well-being. If you’re a beginner level backpacker – make sure not to plan an overambitious expedition. Stick to exploring the camp surroundings and ensure your packs for light hiking have everything you need in them.

It’s Refreshing

We know backpacking activities can exhaust you, but at the same time they help release endorphins in your body. These feel-good substances help release pent up stress and help your brain focus on things that have a calming effect on you. The simple acts of being close to nature, reading maps, or simply lounging outside your tent on a camp chair are good enough to rejuvenate your mind. You need that!

There is Nothing Like It

Imagine waking up to the first light of dawn by the lakeside. The only sounds you can hear are the chirping of the early birds and the rustle of the leaves. These surroundings aren’t something you get every day. The tranquillity that surrounds you is definitely priceless. It helps you relax. It helps you appreciate the environment. It is all about taking in the serenity of the place you’re in and making the most of it – it’s something you’ll never get in even the best cities around the world!

Above all that, backcountry backpacking is fun. Venturing into the wilderness has its own way of recharging you physically and mentally. So pack your backpacks, plan your trip, and set off. You need that break!


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