5 Gorgeous Hike Trails For A Fall Hiking Trip

Fall is the perfect season to take out your hiking gear and gather friends for the adventure of a lifetime! And thanks to the incredible and expansive geography of the U.S., every corner of the country is full of sights to see!

It can be exciting planning a hiking trip. Unfortunately, with so many places to choose from, it can be confusing as From majestic trees to the babbling and burbling turquoise-colored streams, theres no limit to Mother Natures incredible beauty. And what better way to explore its breath-taking imagery than by taking a hike?


But theres no need to worry. This blog is designed to provide all the information on some of the best hiking spots. So grab your thermos, hiking shoes and essentials!

  • The Appalachian Trail

One of the most spectacular hiking spots in Tennessee, the Appalachian Trail lushes through the Great Smoky Mountains. If youre a fan of beautiful cascading waterfalls and the natural beauty of Mother Nature, then the Appalachian Trail is perfect.

If you dont want to spend weeks hiking, then you can hike the small section of the Trails Iron Mountain to Cross Mountain.

  • Old Rag Mountain

This hiking spot is not for the weak-hearted and novice hikers!

If you have immense experience hiking, perhaps you can give it to a go, but its not recommended for beginners.

The incredible, rugged, and 9-mile steep trail has a gorgeous 360 view of Shenandoah National parks amazing 200,000-acres land!

  • Central Park in New York

If you want to take a nice and simple hike with your kids, you dont have to go far. In fact, the beautiful Ravine is located in the lush green and yellow-leaves trees of the North Wood in Central park, New York.

Its brilliant for leisure hikers who just want to spend time with their kids. Its also a great way to get your little munchkins into hiking!

The park also offers various species of birds on display, along with raccoons, and incredible wildlife. It also homes 57 hiking trails, making it perfect for some free-time hiking.

  • Acadia National Park

The incredible Acadia National park boasts of beautiful scenery, colorful trees, and a gorgeous sunrise. The best part about hiking here is that the trail is closed off to cars!

Although, be warned, its not for the faint of heart so youll need to make sure you pack all essentials!

  • Wildwood Trail

Wildwood Trail covers more than 30 miles of the Forest Park in Oregon. And its also a tourist favorite! The incredible thing about this trail is that its canopied by Douglas firs, with thick branches and a stunning view to lead the way!

Its definitely hike and postcard worthy!

Hiking is a fun experience. But in order to ensure a smooth and safe hike, its important to invest in proper gear. At Light Hiking Gear, our aim is to improve your hiking experience. We offer high quality hiking gear and accessories for both hiking. Browse through our range of ultralight packs!


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