5 Types of Backpacks Designed for Versatile Use

Backpacks have a separate fan base. These travel essentials are especially sought-after and loved by adventurers, thrill-seekers, and people who love to travel.

However, there are many different types of lightweight waterproof backpacks—how do you know which backpack to choose? There are at least 23 types of backpacks, making the buying process daunting. We get it and that’s why we’re here to guide you about the versatile types of backpacks.

1. Your Everyday Backpacks

Everyday backpacks a.k.a daypacks are the traditional bags you see every day hanging on the shoulders of college-goers, school goers, and even working professionals. These are lightweight, roomy, simple, and affordable.

The best thing about these daypacks is that they don’t retain shape once you empty them. They’re popular because of their spaciousness and versatility. They come in different designs, colors, and styles and can also be used for traveling and hiking.

2. Mini Backpacks

The popularity of backpacks paved the way for more designs and sizes. Mini backpacks are suitable alternatives to purses. They’re compact, chic, and lightweight but don’t have enough room to carry a lot of stuff.

They are more of a fashion statement than a practical one. Great for young students but can be carried for a short trip out if you have limited things to carry.

3. Crossbody Sling Backpacks

These are small in size and comfortable to carry around. The only difference is the way you carry them. Instead of two straps, they have one and a single compartment to carry your belongings. This type of backpack goes across your shoulder and wraps around the back. These aren’t ideal for long hiking trips but are a great alternative to daypacks because they’re more comfortable.

4. Laptop Backpacks

These backpacks have a smaller compartment than daypacks. These are practical for office use because of comfortable back-side panels and padded straps. These minimal backpacks retain their shape well and are perfect to store laptops, notebooks, tablets, etc.

5. Camping/Trekking Backpacks

These are rucksacks ideal for traveling, camping, hiking, and trekking. Moderately expensive, these backpacks are spacious, lightweight, and come with a waterproof feature. Check out our light waterproof backpacks—the perfect staple for hiking and trekking. These backpacks are manufactured based on scientific principles.

Hiking/Trekking backpack

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