A Hiker's Dream! The Best Ultimate Hiking Trails in America

America, the country of extremes, is famous for its natural beauty and wilderness. We have beaches, lakes, canyons, forests, and more, and we're always looking for some awe-inspiring and thrilling hiking trails. If you're up for a hike, here's a list of the best hiking trails in America.

Lost Coast Trail, California

The Lost Coast Trail in Northern California is a lost trail where many logging companies tried to build a road many times but failed. Not many people have heard about this one, though. This 25-mile trail can be walked in either direction. This Lost Coast Trail runs alongside the empty and misty coastline and the forest.

This trail is somewhat dangerous and is not for everyone. Here, hikers have to factor in or consider the tide schedule and carry waterproof daypacks for hiking, bear-resistant canister holders, and food containers. Not keeping up with the tide schedule can result in fatalities because the trail becomes impassable at high tide. However, keeping the dangerous part of this trail aside, it remains one of the best hiking places in the US because of its unique, remote, and peaceful location.

Tonto Trail, Arizona

Have you ever visited the Grand Canyon? Do you wish to go there? Try out the Tonto Trail, a multi-day hike that runs from the Garnet to the Red Cayon. This trail is known for its beautiful views and is considered one of the best trails in Arizona. This trail starts some three thousand feet below the rim. It would be best to go on foot from the edge onward to get to the track. That means you leave your vehicle at the nearby Grandview.

With this trail, water is an issue, so all hikers and backpackers are advised to filter all the hard water and bacteria found in it; at the Hermit Creek, Monument Creek, and the Garden Creek.

Mount Katahdin, Maine

A person standing on a cliff

If you want to push boundaries and be recognized officially as a 2,000-miler, Mount Katahdin is just the place for you to start or end your hiking saga. This trail is steep and slow going at times, especially around the Knife's Edge Trail. For hikers who want to challenge themselves and overcome their fears, you need the right level of fitness and a comfortable hiking backpack and Light Hiking Gear ultralight backpacking gear. When you reach the peak and take in the breathtaking scenery, you know that all your pain and hard work was worth it.

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