Backpacking 101: What to Pack in Your Backpack

Are you packing for a backpacking adventure? Here’s a handy checklist to ensure, you got yourself covered.

We don’t know about you, but we’re all in for a good backpacking adventure all the time – well, almost all the time – sometimes the weather just doesn’t permit us to have our way. But the weather these days is perfect to pack your lightweight backpacks and be on your way to the best hiking tracks and camping sites near you.

Whether you’re considering a cross-country backpacking trip or putting together your packs for some trekking adventures, you need to make sure your backpacks have everything you need to make the most of your adventure.

If you’re a seasoned backpacker, you obviously know how to pack your ultra-light packs, but it always helps to have a handy checklist to ensure you got yourself covered.

Here’s that checklist of things you need to pack in your adventure backpack. You need to have these, regardless of the type of adventure you’re headed for.

  • A map and a compass – The right navigation is crucial
  • The flashlight – You could also keep a headlamp, but don’t forget to pack some extra batteries
  • UV protection – The sun can be harsh. Make sure you pack your sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, and some SPF lip balm.
  • First aid – Band-aids, medication, anti-bacterial and antiseptic ointments, and other supplies
  • Food – You need your energy. Pack your snacks and meals wisely.
  • Water – Hydration is extremely important. If you plan to drink directly from the stream, a portable water filter is a good idea.
  • The clothes – Apart from the basics, make sure you are prepared for unexpected rains.
  • Shoes – A pair of basic sandals and hiking boots each and you should be set. You might need gaiters, if you’re heading to difficult terrains.
  • The sleeping bag/mat – You’ll need one if you’re planning an overnight adventure or a camping trip.
  • A utility knife comes in handy when you need to cut rope, skin twigs, or dice fruits while you’re out into the wild.
  • Insect repellant – This is important and often something people forget to pack. You don’t want infections, rashes, or worse while you’re out on an adventure.
  • The toiletries. A sanitizer, toilet paper, menstrual sanitary products for the ladies, and waste bags or sanitation trowels will cover your hygiene well. Keep a hand towel too!
  • Prepare for emergencies. Sometimes, the weather changes unexpectedly and it’s always better to be prepared. Reflective blankets, tarp, bivy, and of course, the tent – carry your emergency shelter with you!

No matter how lightweight your backpack is, there is no point carrying it around everywhere when you can achieve the same goal with the much smaller daypacks. Also, while you’re at it, don’t forget to keep a matchbox, a lighter, or anything else that may help you start a fire – you’ll thank us for this!

Backpacking is awesome. It gets the heart pumping and the adrenaline gushing – great for anyone who has a knack for adventure and thrill. It gets even better if you have the right backpacking gear, like body-friendly backpacks, walking equipment, or specialized backpacks for your type of adventures.

Good news for you, you can find that all at Light Hiking Gear –everything you need to make your adventure one to remember!


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