Being Broke and Wanderlust: An Exclusive Guide to Traveling Against All Odds

Hiking can take a real toll on your bank balance, stopping many from going on their dream hike. With some smart tricks and lightweight backpacking gear, you can easily explore the great outdoors without spending much. Here's how.

Hitchhike As Much As Possible

Travelling is one of the biggest expenses on a hike. You're going to different towns and locations where you have to rent a car or book an Uber. Save on transportation by hitching a ride whenever you can. For many hikers, hitching and sharing stories with new people in a strange land is an experience in and of itself.

Plan Your Trip

You may have different places in mind where you want to go. Plan your trip and figure out the straightest route to visit all the locations. This can prevent you from zigzagging across the map. Even if you're hitchhiking, you don't want to spend more time traveling than on the actual hikes. Also, if some of the locations you're going to are more expensive, buy things you need, such as food, before you get there.

Try To Make Money When You're On the Road

Enough about saving money. How about you make a few bucks? There are many ways to make money when you're on a hike. You could rent your house and your car back home to people. An easier way is to collect valuables from one place and resell them for profit somewhere else. You can use balanced day bags to carry the extra weight without discomfort. Person hiking with a balanced day bag

Make Sure Pack Everything You'll Need

Many forget to pack everything they need because of excitement when leaving for a hike. They have to buy hiking gear on the hike, which costs way more at retail. Make sure you buy lightweight backpacking gear and balanced daypacks before you leave for the hike.

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