New Zealand: A Backpacker’s Dream (Part 1)

New Zealand, an Island of Wonder

The beauty and wonders that this planet has to offer never cease to amaze the traveler’s eye. Once we think we’ve seen it all, something extraordinary appears in our field of vision. For seasoned travelers and hikers, there is one small island in the Pacific Ocean that holds within it sites that photographs or descriptions can’t do it justice: New Zealand. Whether you’re a Kiwi or not, you’ll be sure to agree that New Zealand is unique. With its mountainous landscapes, glacial lakes, and years of rich history, this small nation holds within it some spectacular sites that hikers must take advantage of. Here are some of the noteworthy places New Zealand has to offer:

Otago Peninsula

Home to the Royal Albatross who fly to Dunedin, NZ every year after months in the arctic to lay their eggs, the Otago Peninsula is the hotspot of NZ’s South Island wildlife. The untouched beaches and sprawling hills are welcoming to exotic birds, penguins, fur seals, and much more. The Otago Peninsula is located right outside of Dunedin and its accessibility makes it prime for a day backpacking trip. Light Hiking Gear offers the perfect travel day pack for exploring the Otago Peninsula effortlessly, so be sure to check out our selection before you make the trip.

Fiordland National Park

JRR Tolkien is sure to be resting easy knowing that the producers of Lord of the Rings chose New Zealand as the spot to film. Fiordland National Park in the South Island is arguably of the more breathtaking drives through the Island. A 2-3 hour drive from Queenstown, the landscape of Fiordland National Park moves from the blue and mountainous Lake Te Anau which features caves teeming with glowworms, huge snowy mountains formed by glaciers thousands of years ago, Mirror Lakes with water so pristine that they perfectly reflect the surrounding landscape. Once you think you’ve seen it all, you come across Milford Sound, the “Eighth Wonder of the World,” where you could take flight tours, go canoeing, or sail on a boat through the sound. Fiordland National Park is perfect for either day trips or camping trips, so make sure to purchase a perfectly tailored lightweight backpack for travel from us before departing.

Lake Wanaka

Lake Wanaka is one of the many New Zealand lakes that sits upon the South Island. Located not too far away from the adventure-paradise of Queenstown, Lake Wanaka is a staple. Featuring the lone Lake Wanaka Tree, supposedly one of the most photographed trees in New Zealand, this lake town is breathtaking at all hours. Lake Wanaka is known for its clear skies which allow for perfect stargazing conditions. Therefore, it’s necessary to make Lake Wanaka an overnight trip.

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